Why do experienced drivers carry a lemon with them in the car


July 23, 2022, 16:07 | Auto

Why experienced motorists carry a lemon with them in the car and how a piece of lemon can save a life. We tell tricks.

Why do experienced drivers carry a lemon with them in the car

People who drive a car have their own world. They know all kinds of unusual life hacks for the car, they have their own superstitions, and the uninitiated do not have access to this world. At least that's how it was with my father. For example, for a long time I could not understand why he carries a lemon with him in the car. He just waved it off, saying that a piece of lemon can save a life, informs Ukr.Media.

Only when I got my own car, He opened the veil of mystery to me. I am happy to take his advice and share it with you. It really can save a life!

A piece of lemon

Father always bought a lemon before going on a long journey and took it with him on the road. And, as I learned later, many experienced motorists do the same. I thought it was for a nice smell in the car, because citrus smells good. But lemon is not needed for smell, but for consumption.

Any driver knows about the difficulty that arises on a long trip – fatigue. Driving is a rather monotonous activity, you start to get tired and fall into a doze. Of course, you can increase the volume of the player or start a conversation with a passenger. But sometimes it doesn't help either. If you have a long way ahead, and there is nowhere to rest, you can just eat a piece of lemon. It will immediately give a charge of cheerfulness. Fatigue will recede, and you will be able to drive for another couple of hours.

My father said that it saved him many times when he had to drive far alone. I want to say, the method is very interesting. It helps me too.

Then what about the smell?

We talked about the smell in the car cabin, let's figure out how to improve it, since lemon is not for this. And the truth is, it is better not to spread lemon wedges in the cabin. It may smell good at first, but when it sours, it will be unpleasant. So what to do?

Of course, you can buy special aromas for the car. They work well, although not for long. The smell of needles, lemon or something like sea freshness is best for the car. They are all invigorating and mask unpleasant odors well.

You can also make home fragrances. Put cotton wool in a bag and sprinkle a few drops of your favorite essential oil there. Such a tool will be enough for a long time.

If the task is to remove an unpleasant smell and excess moisture, then ordinary soda will help to cope well. Pour it into a kapron sock or bag, leave it in the car overnight. There will be no smell in the morning. Flavored sea salt has approximately the same properties. You can sprinkle it in bags and spread it in the cabin. Then there will be a double effect: the unpleasant smell will be replaced by a fresh aroma.


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