Why do experienced drivers put a laurel leaf in the car interior before a long trip


July 26, 2022, 12:31 | Auto

Some of these actions may seem strange at first.

Why should experienced drivers before long-distance a trip puts a laurel leaf in the interior of the car

In order to make it easier for themselves and passengers to be in the vehicle, experienced motorists sometimes use the most unexpected techniques, informs Ukr.Media.

At first some of these actions seem strange. However, many life hacks really work.

A vivid example is the use of a bay leaf. Before starting a long trip, some smart car owners put a bag of this spice in the glove box or in the armrest box.

Of course, the spice will not be used for culinary purposes. But why would you need it in the car?

The benefit of a bay leaf during a trip

Long trips are often accompanied by motion sickness of the driver or passengers.

The risk of health deterioration becomes very high if the motorist does not stop for one reason or another.

If the person sitting behind the wheel or in the passenger seat does not feel well well, then you need to put one bay leaf under your tongue.

The compounds contained in the spice have a positive effect on the stomach and the nervous system. A person will be able to quickly get rid of the malaise.


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