Why do experienced drivers put a lemon in the car interior


July 14, 2022, 09:06 | Car

A life hack before a long trip.

Why do experienced drivers put lemon in the car interior

< p>Before going on a long journey by car, many experienced motorists put lemon in the interior of the vehicle, informs Ukr.Media.

Young drivers are surprised by this, as they do not understand how it can help a citrus fruit during a long trip.

Experienced drivers explain that lemon is needed in the car not for smell, but for consumption.

Then newbies have a new question: «why with& #39;do you need to eat citrus, and not some other product?»

The answer is simple: lemon helps a tired driver to get a boost of vitality.

What problem does lemon help solve

< p>Any motorist knows about the difficulties that usually make themselves felt during long trips.

It is about the accumulated fatigue and drowsiness that appears. If you are behind the wheel for several hours in a row, it is almost impossible to avoid these problems.

Of course, you can turn up the music or start a conversation with passengers. But it does not always help to reduce the risk of falling asleep.

But if you eat a slice of lemon, then cheerfulness will definitely appear. As a result, the motorist will get rid of the feeling of fatigue and is unlikely to fall asleep behind the wheel.


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