Why do many spiders appear in the house and is it really a problem


June 12, 2022, 16:39 | In the world

Why can't you insult spiders in the house?

Why does the house appear many spiders and is it really a problem

Even if the biggest spider has taken up residence in your house, do not rush to arm yourself with a slipper to get rid of it. Take a deep breath, exhale, and read our article on why you shouldn't destroy pet spiders. There is a scientific explanation for this, and a lot of folk signs related to this topic. Today I will talk about everything in more detail, informs Ukr.Media.

Why do spiders appear at home at all?

Are uninvited guests often visiting your home? Of course, few people like this. However, it is important to understand that spiders do not appear for nothing. If you don't want to be scared once again by the sight of an eight-legged crawling creature, just eliminate all possible reasons for its appearance. We suggest you familiarize yourself with them.

Perhaps the most obvious reason is dirt. An apartment in which chaos and disorder reigns becomes a real abode for spiders. They just love to spin their web in cozy corners where a lot of dust accumulates.

It can be the ceiling on the balcony, and the place behind the batteries, and the hood in the kitchen, and the pipes in the bathroom. Those are the places that we usually pay the least attention to.

Arachnids are often found in houses with high humidity. It can rise due to poor ventilation or a damp basement (if you live on the 1st floor). To monitor the humidity level in the apartment, we recommend purchasing a hygrometer. This is a useful thing that will come in handy both in summer and in winter.

Try to ventilate all rooms as often as possible. In addition, sunlight is also important, because spiders like to hide in the most secret dark places in the apartment.

If a lot of spiders appeared in the house, then they found something to eat. Arthropods are attracted to flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches. And in a private house, ants can start. If you are familiar with this problem, then, of course, first of all you need to solve it.

Other reasons
After a walk in the forest, be sure to check all your clothes when you get home. A spider can get into your apartment not only through the windows, but also by simply hooking onto a sweater or jacket. And remember, of course, about ticks!

The number of spiders in the house increases with the onset of cold weather. In autumn, when the air temperature drops, arthropods look for warm places. They can get into the apartment through various gaps. So at the end of summer it is best to check all suspicious places in the house. You can not remove the mosquito net for the winter.

A big spider in the house

Spiders are an important part of nature and are not a capacious component of our ecosystem. We think that our homes are isolated from the outside world. However, many different spiders can live in any apartment or private house. You may not even suspect many of them.

Some arachnids appear in the room by accident. And someone settles in the house and produces his offspring there. One way or another, these spiders do not pose any danger to humans, and you should not be afraid of them. Although we admit that we ourselves have reacted violently to the eight-legged inhabitants of our apartment before.

However, our attitude towards house spiders has changed. Realize the most important fundamental truth: Spiders can be beneficial. They protect the house from pests, and can also eat their relatives. Why get rid of an assistant who will happily feast on mosquitoes and save your sensitive sleep from annoying buzzing?

They say that climate change will cause the appearance of new species of insects and spiders in our latitudes. We won't argue with that, but we haven't encountered anything like it yet.

If you are not yet ready for such a relationship with spiders, no problem! Just try to catch an uninvited guest in a bank and let him out. But we urge you: please do not destroy these unfortunate creatures. They didn't deserve it and are much more afraid of you than you are of them.

Folk omens related to spiders in the house

Many folk omens are associated with the appearance of a spider in the house. So, for example, if you noticed that someone has settled in the corner of one of the rooms, you may receive some news or even a gift. If you get rid of a harmless creature, you will deprive yourself of the opportunity to find out what fate has in store for you.

Once upon a time, people believed that spider webs had special healing properties. And a person who dared to destroy a spider was promised a quick onset of illness. Our ancestors believed that spiders protect houses from evil spirits and other unclean things. And if someone decides to get rid of the eight-legged defender, trouble will inevitably await him.

It is believed that a large spider in the house attracts well-being and prosperity to the family. But if there are no arachnids in the apartment, then its inhabitants will not prosper. You don't have to kill spiders, otherwise you'll never get rich.


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