Why do politics in 2022? | Elections Quebec 2022

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Why Doing politics in 2022? | ÉQuebec 2022 elections

Five candidates have agreed to tell Radio-Canada the reasons that led them to enter politics.

Why get into politics in 2022? Radio-Canada attempted to answer the question by meeting with five candidates from the main Quebec political parties who, over the past 36 days, have crisscrossed their riding with the ambition, for the first time, of entering the National Assembly on October 3.

Charles Robert will try to be elected, Monday, in the riding of Jean-Lesage, under the banner of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ). This party, he knows it well.

For fifteen years, he has worked there as an adviser. He closely supported former Prime Minister Philippe Couillard, as well as current Liberal leader Dominique Anglade.

“I built my political career on the board, I was in charge of Mr. Couillard's communications, among others. And there, going into the field as a candidate is a totally different experience. »

— Charles Robert, candidate in Jean-Lesage for the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ)

After having been an advisor to Philippe Couillard and Dominique Anglade, Charles Robert made the leap into the political arena as a candidate in Jean-Lesage.

After all these years, Charles Robert felt the need to return to what he first got involved in politics for more than a decade ago.

After 15 years, I needed, I think, to try something else, to return to the sources of political involvement, and this source, it is with the citizens that we will look for it, it is in the debates we have with the other candidates. […] I very, very much want to give new meaning to my political involvement, says the Liberal candidate.

Kariane Bourassa is seeking the support of the people of Charlevoix –Côte-de-Beaupré for the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), after having spent the last 15 years working as a journalist for the TVA network.

Kariane Bourassa got into politics to defend the colors of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) after a career in journalism .

The candidate does not have to look far to find reasons for her arrival in provincial politics. Several issues have pushed her to campaign, including the environment.

“My reason number two, c is the environment. This is something that is really close to my heart, then I said to myself that if there are not young people like me who get involved in politics, I am afraid that it will not go fast enough. »

— Kariane Bourassa, candidate in Charlevoix-Côte-de-Beaupré for the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ)

The cynicism, Ms. Bourassa has felt throughout the past few weeks. Despite everything, she draws a positive balance sheet of her first electoral campaign.

If we go on social networks, there are a lot of negative comments and we have the impression, my God , that no one is satisfied with what we are doing, that things are going badly, but when we go out into the field, when I knock on doors, I see people who have been satisfied for the past four years, he says. -her.

Myriam Fortin has represented Quebec all over the world. From Senegal to New Brunswick, it is now in the riding of Charlevoix–Côte-de-Beaupré that the trained lawyer will try to continue her political involvement under the banner of Québec solidaire (QS).

Myriam Fortin is in her very first election campaign for Québec solidaire.

I came back to settle in Baie-Saint-Paul last year because I wanted to work, get involved, get involved in my community, in my region, admits the solidary candidate.

Myriam Fortin did not hesitate when the local Québec solidaire team approached her to become a candidate. A few hours before the election, she did not regret her decision.

“I think whatever the outcome, it really is as much a personal experience as it is for the entire team that was involved. […] We took the party to another level in the constituency. »

— Myriam Fortin, candidate in Charlevoix-Côte-de-Beaupré for Québec solidaire (QS)

On the eve of October 3, the one who is the daughter of the he former mayor of Baie-Saint-Paul, Jean Fortin, views the results with serenity.

The former director of Vivre en ville, Jeanne Robin, has tried in recent weeks to convince voters to return to the Parti Québécois (PQ) the riding of Taschereau, which has long been a PQ stronghold.

“I really wanted to get closer to decision-making to speed things up because I don't think we're going fast enough to meet the climate challenge. There are important issues to be addressed in Quebec society and I wanted to help make Quebec a country. »

— Jeanne Robin, candidate in Taschereau for the Parti Québécois (PQ)

Jeanne Robin is a candidate for the Parti Québécois in Taschereau (archives).

While her campaign began under the sign of controversy – her office having been subject to vandalism – Jeanne Robin does not derive only positive things from this first contact with politics.

I did not think that during the election campaign, I would take so much pleasure in discussing with everyone. I realized that talking with strangers is not something you do often in life and it's very nourishing, it's very inspiring, says the PQ candidate.

Motivated by the support of those close to her, Mylène Bouchard threw herself into the political game to represent the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) in the riding of Montmorency.

For my family, for my parents; in fact, for all the children, parents and grandparents of Quebec. I find that the direction in which Quebec is going is not what I want to bequeath to future generations. So I want to get involved to clean things up a bit and change things, says the Conservative candidate.

Mylène Bouchard wears the colors of the Conservative Party of Quebec for the very first time in her career.

The one who has worked in digital marketing for the past five years concludes her campaign with many strings to add to her bow.

I learned a lot of things, I would like to do it again. […] I learned everything behind a campaign, everything you don't see, everything it takes as resources. […] I have met some great people and it will stick with me, she admits.

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