Why do some drivers believe that it is impossible to fill the car with a full tank?


July 12, 2022, 13:07 | Auto

Is this myth or reality?

Why do some drivers think that you can't refuel the car until the tank is full

Many car owners believe that filling the fuel tank to the point of failure should not be done, because it can turn into a whole series of all kinds of problems. What categorical thoughts about a tank filled to the brim with gasoline wander in the minds of drivers, informs Ukr.Media.

Today, it seems that anyone who has sat behind the wheel at least once can act as an automobile expert. Well, if he passed the Soviet driving school, then in this case, you can quite deservedly call yourself an expert twice. And spread all sorts of nonsense that has nothing to do with modern cars.

For example, some car owners believe that dispensers of gas guns can quite afford to pour a couple of liters of gasoline if they are asked to fill a full tank. Let's relegate this nonsense to phobias. If you think so, you can always complain to the gas station manager, who can easily check your suspicions on surveillance cameras. Or cross yourself…

And if in fact, then you can drain the fuel to the left when refueling any amount of gasoline. But what is the point of risking the one who will do it? If you already drain it, then in a big way, as the dirty gas stations do. They simply do not top up. But you can literally catch them by asking them to fill a measuring container. Believe me, no one will try to do it for a couple of liters.

The myth that with a full tank the car goes faster and is much better controlled also does not stand up to criticism. Car manufacturers include the weight of a full tank of gasoline in the characteristics of the car, and therefore filling it to the brim does not particularly affect either the dynamics or the handling. But the overload in the luggage compartment and the cabin filled with passengers — has an effect. And on the dynamics, and on the controllability, and on the comfort of the suspension.

A full tank of fuel will attract thieves. Isn't that funny? It was quite easy to drain gasoline in the Soviet automobile industry. Modern cars are equipped with a fuel tank neck of a complex shape. And to get to the fuel, first you need to open the gas tank hatch, which is locked together with the doors and the trunk lid using the central lock. In addition, the thief must know for sure what he is up to. And this means that he had to somehow monitor his victim. Isn't the scheme too complicated?

Gasoline can evaporate when the tank is full. Question: how and where? In a hermetic tank with a tightly closed lid, the fuel will not go anywhere from the word “at all''. But if there is damage in the fuel system, then in this case the fuel can evaporate. But then, what's the difference between a full tank and a half-empty one?

A full tank can cause a fire. "Experts" they say that the fuel can spill out and catch fire in some strange way. And physics is to blame for this – fuel has the property of expanding. Let's start with the fact that with a working fuel filler cap, even if the fuel is poured under the cap, it will not go anywhere. In addition, if the fuel gun has fired, it means that there is still a reserve of free space in the neck, which is quite enough for the expansion of fuel in a completely filled tank.

Well, let's not forget that while driving the car consumes fuel. And after driving a few kilometers, there will no longer be as much fuel in the tank as was filled at the gas station. So if something catches fire, it is only because of the safety of the car owner and a malfunction of the fuel system.

But there are also real disadvantages of a full tank. So, for example, the risk of catching fire in a car in a serious accident increases many times. If you fill up, as it is called, to the full at an unknown gas station with fuel of dubious quality, you will not get anything except a bouquet of problems. Old cars have one feature — when refueling to a full tank, there is a risk of a vacuum in their fuel supply system. And this is a direct path to the breakdown of the gas pump.

As you can see, you can come up with a lot of reasons to limit citizens from refueling to a full tank, it is enough to recall the stories of residents of garages from the USSR. And you can earn money for the truth. That is why they come up with a beautiful story for us about how bad it is to drive with a full tank of fuel.


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