Why do some trucks have one wheel hanging in the air


June 5, 2020, 19:48 | Auto

Have you probably noticed how one wheel of big trucks hangs in the air without touching the road?

 Why do some trucks have one wheel hanging in the air

Sometimes even such a simple thing as a truck can put the brain in a dead end, informs Ukr.Media.

Especially if it is a truck with rear wheels raised. Why raise them? Is this a way to transport spare parts or a certificate of technical malfunction of the car?

Of course, it is neither one nor the other. And in general, it's not just some “raised wheel”! This is a whole mechanism that even has its own name – the sloth.

In a nutshell, it is needed to increase the permissible carrying capacity of the car. After all, the more axles the truck has, the more increased obligations in tons it will take on.

Each axle of the truck should not have more than 7-7.5 tons of load. Thus, a two-axle truck cannot carry more than 15 tons, but a three-axle truck can carry more than 20 tons. Do you understand? This is where the sloth will come in handy, turning a two-axle car into a three-axle one.

Why do some trucks have one wheel hanging in the air

True three axles trucks are needed only when fully loaded, while empty it is more convenient and economical to drive on four wheels. So the handling is better, and the fuel consumption is lower.,

Depending on the design, the sloth can be controlled by the driver himself – by lowering or raising the axle with a button. Or the sloth activates itself, reacting to the level of weight load.


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