Why does the dog lick the owner


July 2, 2019, 00:00 | Animals

What signals this pleasant gesture can send a dog to a person.

Why the dog licks the owner

Dog kisses make us, owners of four-legged pets, emotional. After all, we ourselves are inclined to express a special attitude to those who are dear to us with the help of kisses. However, you should not overhumanize the dog. This is a completely different creature that perceives both the world and the people in it in a completely different way. Therefore, it will not be superfluous for owners of furry friends to learn about other reasons why a dog licks a person. And also what signals this pleasant gesture can send to him, informs Ukr.Media.

Why does the licking mechanism arise and what is it for

We all come from childhood. And dogs too. If you've ever had puppies, you've probably noticed that the first thing the mother does is lick them, helping to get rid of the remnants of the fetal membranes and stimulating the development of respiratory function in the babies. In the future, maternal licking is designed to improve the work of the puppy's gastrointestinal tract and keep its coat clean until the puppy grows up and is strong enough to do it on its own. And also licking, similar to motion sickness in a person, which has a calming effect.

Thus, licking is the first form of contact with another creature that a puppy gets to know. In the future, he begins to use it to signal that he is hungry or needs care.

Now let's see what this behavior can mean when a dog licks a person.

A dog shows its love

Licking can really signal a dog's special relationship with its owner or family member (from a dog's point of view, think pack). If the licking is accompanied by the pet's joyful cries, active wagging of the tail, the desire to jump into the arms, this is an expression of love.

The dog is lonely

If you are just sitting quietly or doing something, not paying attention to your pet, and he suddenly comes up and starts licking you, this may indicate that the dog wants to draw attention to himself in this way. Indeed, it is difficult to ignore a pet's wet tongue on the skin!

The dog is hungry

When a dog licks the owner's face, it is a sign of the inheritance of an ancient instinct that all canines have. Hungry puppies tend to lick their mother's face, especially if she has just eaten, to get her to share the food. So it is possible that this is how your dog asks for food.

The dog wants to help

Dogs are stable animals, so they are not alien to mutual assistance. That is why a pet can try to lick wounds (this is how dogs heal themselves) or lick exposed areas of a person's skin, trying to understand if he is alive, to make him breathe or wake up, which can really be justified in critical situations.

Your pet is afraid

Some dogs, frightened by loud noises, naturally seek protection from their master leader. Licking, accompanied by whining and a desire to climb into the arms or into the bed, most likely indicates that the pet is scared and asks to be calmed down.

The dog reacts to the smell

Unlike a person, who perceives most of the information through the visual channel, the dog's most important sense is the sense of smell. His capabilities of our four-legged brothers many times exceed those of humans. Therefore, we may not even feel that we smell particularly pleasant or unpleasant for a dog. In this case, by licking, she is trying to wash us or understand where the person has been.

The dog asserts its rights over you

Licking the face or hands can indicate that , that the dog is marking its territory, asserting to other dogs that you are part of its pack. Moreover, this situation occurs most often when there are other dogs or a child in the family. Then the pet may feel feelings of jealousy.


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