Why experts advise not to save money and buy a more expensive washing machine


    July 18, 2022, 10:09 | Science and technology

    The main advantages of such a purchase.

    Why experts advise not to save and buy more more expensive washing machine

    A washing machine is a device that should serve us for many years, so we advise you not to save on its purchase. More expensive models mean, first of all, better manufacturing quality, energy efficiency, modern systems and more work programs and functions (for example, automatic weighing or the option of half loading). Why is it worth paying extra for a washing machine? What should you pay special attention to when buying? Which models to choose?

    There are two types of washing machines on the market: top-loading and front-loading. The first are narrower and are suitable for small bathrooms. The latter are the classics most often chosen by users. However, if we want equipment that will provide performance, energy efficiency and reliability for many years, then we advise you to add a few thousand and choose a model that will guarantee this. When choosing a washing machine, you should pay attention to several of the most important technical parameters, informs Ukr.Media.

    Better energy efficiency

    A more expensive washing machine is usually more energy efficient. High-quality models consume less electricity and water — thanks to the modern technologies they are equipped with. The cheaper operation of the washing machine is of particular importance for people who use it often. You can save decently in a year. Therefore, it is necessary to specify in the technical specification what energy consumption class our considered model has (consumed power is expressed in kWh).

    Better adapted work programs< /p>

    Comparing cheap models of washing machines with more expensive ones, it can be noted that the latter are equipped with a large number of operating modes. When choosing such equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to programs adapted to the type of fabric, regulation of temperature and working time. More expensive washing machines can be equipped with additional washing modes for different types of clothes, for example, Sport/Fitness, including shortened washing, programs for refreshing clothes and mixed washing (there is no need to sort clothes by color). Options: half-load and steam (or bubble) cleaning are must-haves, and pet owners will love the special program.

    Depending on the model and manufacturer, the washing machine may have a program designed for people with allergies, as well as a function that allows you to add clothes while the device is running. Simply use the START/PAUSE button, open the drum, add additional items, close the machine and press the button again. Another solution is an additional door that opens even after the equipment is started (AddWash function). If there are children in the house, it is worth checking whether the washing machine has built-in protection against accidental door opening. In washing machines of the new generation, you can also find a function that allows you to remotely control the device using a smartphone.

    Better quality of assembly of the washing machine

    The drum plays the main role in the washing machine and contributes to its efficient operation. You can buy a model that holds 4 kg or even 8 kg of clothes. The choice of washing machine capacity will depend on the number of households.

    Several types of drums are mentioned on the market. In the cheapest washing machines, they are classic, which are distinguished by round holes. Another type of drum is Honeycomb or Diamond. The holes look like diamonds, hence the name. Clothes in such drums are less likely to be damaged.

    Another type of drum is Vario Soft. Inside, it is covered with asymmetric convex droplets. Washing can be done in two directions: one for lightly soiled clothes, and the other for clothes that require more intensive cleaning (steep slopes of drops). Washing machines can also be equipped with a SoftCare drum — minimizes the possibility of damage to clothes. During washing, a thicker layer of water forms on the walls of the drum, over which the fabric slides and, thus, does not come into direct contact with metal parts.


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