Why give plants sugar. When I feed plants with it, the effects delight me

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Carbohydrates are necessary not only for the human body to function fully, but also for plants.

Why give plants sugar. When I feed plants with it, the results delight me

That's why the sugar supplement is quite popular among experienced flower growers. For its preparation, a glucose solution or ordinary sugar is used.

Sugar conditioner is a rescue in many problems with plants

Glucose normalizes the process of photosynthesis, stimulates growth and prolongs the flowering of houseplants. Watering with fresh water can bring drooping plants back to life. Feeding is needed if:

– leaves turn pale and small;
– growth has stopped;
– we forgot to water the flowers and they withered a lot;
– stems become thinner and stretched due to lack of lighting;
– a lot of yellow leaves have appeared;
– the plant sheds leaves;
– no flowering;
– the flower has lost its ;j decorative effect.

2-3 feedings are enough to tidy up a weakened plant that is in a “pólife” state. Sugar is loved by all plants, from cacti to palms and ficuses.

Note: seedlings suffering from a lack of light are sometimes also suitable for watering with fresh water. It is worth analyzing the needs of our plants first.

To water the flowers, you need to make a sugar or glucose solution

It is important to respect the proportions:

– 1 teaspoon of sugar per 1 liter of water;
– 1 ml of glucose (10%) per 1 liter of water;
– 8 ml of glucose (5%) per 1 liter of water.

Exceeding the dose leads to deterioration condition of the plant. The yeast-sugar solution works even better. Yeast is an excellent growth stimulator. They are used by gardeners to feed weak seedlings and to strengthen young plants after transplanting.

Thanks to the vital activity of yeast, the organic substances contained in the soil are processed faster. As a result, nutrients are released that are easily absorbed by the seedlings.

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