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Why Google is paying tribute to ; the singer France Gall

With a Doodle, Google pays homage to; the famous French singer France Galle, died on January 7, 2018. Neuilly-sur-Seine, after a long and prolific career.

France Gall à the honor. This Monday, October 9, the giant Google pays tribute to the French singer, replacing her usual logo with a Doodle, referring to her an animated YouTube video of more than a minute, covering the hit He played the piano standing up. "France Gall was born 76 years ago," we can read on the search engine's home page. Under the YouTube video, made by Parisian artist Mathilde Loubes, it is added: : "Today's Doodle video pays homage to French singer France Gall, widely considered to be one of the Y&eac;-yé the most influential of her time."

76 years ago, on October 9, 1947, Isabelle Gall, better known under the name of France Gall and who would become one of the most popular French singers of the world, was born in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. the history of music.Wax doll, sound doll, Resists, The declaration of 39;amour… We can no longer count the hits in the discography of France Gall, who died more than five years ago.

Very discreet in the media since the loss of  Michel Berger, then their daughter Pauline, France Gall, died on January 7, 2018. "There are words that we would never want to say. France Gall joined Paradis blanc on January 7, after having challenged “For 2 years, with discretion and dignity, the recurrence of his cancer” was announced. At the time its communications manager, Geneviève Salama. France Gall had overcome breast cancer in 1993, then suffered from kidney, lung and heart abnormalities, which would have caused her to suffer from breast cancer. fatal. France Gall has since rested alongside Michel Berger and their daughter, Pauline, at the Montmartre cemetery, near Paris. Paris.

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