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Why is Adobe accused of cheating its customers ?

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This is a real stone in Adobe's shoe. The American company has just been sued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States. The federal agency pulls no punches and accuses it of violating consumer protection laws by imposing hidden cancellation fees and a complex unsubscribe procedure.

The accusations against Adobe

In the details of this complaint, we learn that the registration process is not clear enough for customers and that it does not indicate that the latter undertake to pay for one year. It also does not detail that fees apply in the event of early withdrawal.

If subscribers try to cancel their subscription, they are also required to enter their password and navigate through numerous screens where they can get lost, according to the FTC. Quoted by the BBC, Samuel Levine, director of the consumer protection bureau, underlines:

Americans are fed up with companies that hide the truth when signing up for a subscription and then put obstacles in the way of customers when they try to to cancel it.

Adobe's response

Indicted, Adobe wanted to react through Dana Rao, general counsel and director of the trust: “We are transparent about the terms of our subscription contracts and have a simple cancellation process. We will refute the FTC's allegations in court”.

This is just the beginning of this case and it will be interesting to follow over time. As a reminder, Adobe changed its business model in 2012 by moving from selling its software with lifetime use to a monthly or annual subscription system for its Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and other essential tools for creatives.

Since then, many of them have been complaining, because they have no real choice but to remain subscribed and check out every month. The problem has not improved, because Adobe recently changed its terms of use and these were criticized. Some observers have in fact estimated that they would be used to authorize the company to train its AI models on the work of users.

What to remember& nbsp;:

  • A lawsuit has been filed against Adobe in the United States
  • The company is accused of violating consumer protection laws, notably through hidden termination fees
  • An accusation refuted by the company< /li>

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