Why is it necessary to soak groats before cooking


August 5, 2022, 20:08 | Medicine

Reluctance to do so can have dangerous consequences.

Why you must soak groats before cooking

Reluctance to pre-soak cereals before cooking can result in dangerous consequences for the body and health, informs Ukr.Media.

Toxicologists advise lovers of cereals and other dishes containing cereals not to neglect soaking them before cooking Experts say that the active use of cereals that have not been pre-soaked is associated with a high risk of a number of diseases.

" lead to autoimmune diseases, thyroid disease, eczema, diabetes.

Doctors explain that packaged cereals contain an excess of unwanted and potentially dangerous substances: for example, tannins , fertilizer components. Penetrating into the body, they are capable of disrupting digestion processes, preventing the assimilation of vitamins and microelements.

"It is important to soak cereals for several hours in clean water before cooking," doctors advise.< /p>

Experts add that nuts and legumes intended for cooking should be pre-soaked for the same reasons.


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