Why is it necessary to wash the bottom of the car in the summer


June 4, 2022, 18:31 | Auto

And how to do it correctly.

Why is it necessary to wash the bottom of the car in the summer

< p>Regular car washing gives its appearance not only neatness, but also has a preventive nature. Thanks to the washer, dirt and reagents are washed off the body, which extends its service life and allows timely localization of corrosion foci. However, when washing the car in the visible area, we rarely pay attention to what is hidden from the eyes – its bottom, informs Ukr.Media.

Car washing is a necessary and useful procedure. Firstly, it shows the owner's attitude towards the car, his neatness and love of order. Secondly, it is a necessity that the car itself needs. For example, in the same winter, when tons of reagents and salt are poured onto the roads, which, mixing with dirt and melt water, form a hellish cocktail capable of causing rapid corrosion of not only body parts. However, when cleaning a car, we rarely pay attention to its bottom. Meanwhile, it is the one that feels the greatest load from the impact of garbage, dirt and chemicals.

Yes, factory treatment, plus anti-corrosion treatment at dealers — quite powerful protection for a couple or three seasons, for sure. Yes, it will not be superfluous to look under the car after the winter to make sure that this coating is intact and covers the body metal well. And if peeling is noticeable, the coating must be renewed. During the inspection, you can carefully wash the bottom.

But, usually, in addition to a good protective layer, the bottom of the car is also covered with plastic protection. For some, it covers only the engine compartment, gearbox and clutch (if we are talking about four-wheel drive cars), and somewhere it covers the bottom completely, in turn preventing dirt from sticking and washing off the anti-corrosion layer.

Constant uncontrolled washing of the bottom can be a disservice to your car. After all, a strong jet can damage the protective coating and, without noticing it, breed rusty bugs in an invisible area. We all know what this leads to.

But special attention should be paid to the elements of the suspension. Only carefully, raising the car on a lift. It is desirable to find a specialized car wash, where employees do not need to explain that it is not worth bringing the gun too close to anthers and other rubber products.

As already mentioned, dirt on the bottom leads to the development of corrosion, but also complicates diagnostics, prevents the cooling of the exhaust system, so it is recommended to remove it. Non-contact bottom washing with a high-pressure device includes three steps: Pre-rinse, lather for 5-10 minutes and remove with a jet of water.

Make sure you use the correct nozzle – the use of a mud cutter is contraindicated here! When washing, it is recommended to direct the jet at an angle of 15-40 for normal dirt and 40-90° — for the weak. "The maximum impact pressure is achieved at a distance of 10-30 cm, but it is better to increase the distance so as not to damage the anthers and seals.

It is important to remember that washing the bottom of the machine is not recommended less than once a year, in the summer. And very carefully, with a further inspection of the integrity of the protective layer and all kinds of rubber technical details. In general, as always, a comprehensive approach is needed. Anti-corrosion protection with regular inspection of the integrity of the layer and careful washing will help extend the service life of both the body and suspension of your car.


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