Why is the cat waiting for the owner at the door


January 8, 2022, 09:38 | Animals

We decided to find out why this happens.

Why is the cat waiting for the owner at the door

Moments when the owner returns home, and the cat is waiting for him at the door, look simply magical in the eyes of a person. We decided to find out why this happens, informs Ukr.Media.

In general, it is quite naive to think that a cat sits next to the door all the time there is no person. The animal has excellent hearing, and if it hears the approach of someone behind the door, it will be interested and run closer so as not to miss anything.

Cats also perfectly remember a person's schedule. If you return from work at the same time, your four-legged friend will quickly remember when to wait for you. The motivation to wait under the door increases because the time of the owner's arrival usually coincides with feeding time.

But some animal psychologists believe that cats experience a certain cognitive dissonance when you leave the house. She does not understand that behind the door there is a world inaccessible to her, so she thinks that you are arranging a kind of raffle: you stand under the door and for some reason do not enter the house.

Arguments between specialists in felinology continue, but one thing is clear: if you will be able to accustom the animal to a relatively clear schedule of life, it will definitely wait for you at the door and be happy to meet you.


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