Why is there no great white shark in any aquarium (PHOTOS)

Why is there no great white shark in any aquarium (PHOTOS)

Do you love aquariums? If so, then you definitely saw sharks! Some shark species cannot live in captivity and do not adapt to life in the aquarium. You can see these species of sharks only in several aquariums in the world. Among the rare sharks in captivity are great white sharks. In aquariums, they could be found on exceptional days. But why?


Why is there no great white shark in any aquarium (PHOTOS)

Great White Shark in the Aquarium Many aquariums around the world have tried to acquire a representative of this species, but the shark dies within a few days. Only one aquarium, with the help of numerous efforts, managed to maintain the life of a rare species, but the individual died after a few weeks. The longest life span in captivity for a white shark was 2 weeks. This number was officially registered in 2004.

Can a shark survive in the walls of an aquarium? One of the aquariums in California has proven that this species of shark can live in an aquarium for up to six months. True, they proved this with the help of a small great white shark. That is, with a crumb, the length of which was less than a meter. But it took a lot of effort to keep her alive.

The aquarium bought a ten-meter tank that holds a million gallons of water. Although the costs for the little shark were huge, the aquarium had a large number of visitors at that time. In addition to the size of the shark (an adult can reach 4.5 meters), the work of the employees was facilitated by its diet. Baby sharks feed only on fish.

A baby great white shark was able to survive in the aquarium. But after 6 months, the baby grew up enough and killed two other smaller sharks. We decided to bring him back to freedom in the ocean.

Why these sharks cannot live in aquariums One of the reasons for the death of this species in captivity is the physical damage that it receives either during withdrawal from the ocean or during transportation to the aquarium.


Why is there no great white shark in any aquarium (PHOTOS)

The second reason is a special love of will. This fish is very freedom-loving and is accustomed to swimming wherever and how quickly it wants. In captivity, she hits the walls of the aquarium and inflicts wounds on herself and experiences profound mental disorders.

Next attempts After a successful attempt at introducing a small shark, the owners of the California Oceanarium made 5 more attempts. Sharks were brought to them, which fell into the nets. Each of them died after 2-3 months.

Monterey Bay (California Oceanarium) in 2007 tried to acquire another shark. She began to hit the walls with force and inflicted severe harm on herself. After that, attached the chip, she was released into the ocean. But the great white shark could not survive there. Monterey Bay stopped trying to create a special specimen.

In 2016, an adult shark was brought to the aquarium in Japan. The shark died 3 days later. Convinced by experience that these fish cannot survive in captivity, all aquariums have pacified their desire to have them.


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