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Why is this French operator partnering with Starlink ?

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Starlink's satellite connection is attracting more and more individuals around the world, but SpaceX has also developed an offer for businesses. And today, a French operator becomes one of the distributors of this Starlink offer for professionals. In a press release, Bouygues Telecom Entreprises announces that it is officially becoming a Starlink reseller, which will allow its customers to access this offer via satellites.

But why is a traditional operator partnering with Elon Musk's company? According to Bouygues Telecom's explanations, with the decommissioning of the copper network, companies must rethink their connectivity solutions. And the Starlink connection is one of the new alternatives available to them (for example, in the event of a fiber optic failure). Companies will therefore be able to use the Starlink connection as a backup solution, in addition to other technologies, or even use it as the main means of connection on sites that are not covered by 4G/5G or fiber optics. The advantage of Starlink is that it offers a high-speed connection, with low latency, since the satellites deployed by SpaceX are in low Earth orbit.

“This cutting-edge technology can be used as a primary or complementary solution, in anticipation of the obsolescence of the copper network, thus contributing to the continuity of their operations and their performances”, explains François Treuil, corporate market director at Bouygues Telecom. On the other hand, according to La Tribune, the operator would mainly target mid-sized companies (ETI) and large groups, but not SMEs. Indeed, the cost of this connection is quite significant. The dish, which is capable of connecting to several satellites at the same time, would cost 2,900 euros, while the subscription would cost between 215 euros and 1,000 euros per month, depending on consumption.< /p>

Elsewhere, Starlink is working with operators on 4G

In any case, it should be noted that although it is in competition with traditional operators, Starlink does not seem closed to collaboration with them. As a reminder, SpaceX is working on a new product called Direct to cell which will allow Starlink to offer internet access directly to smartphones, without going through its antennas. Elon Musk's company has in fact developed a new type of satellite which is capable of acting as 4G antennas in space.

And in the context for the deployment of this new product, Starlink is collaborating with several operators around the world. For example, in the United States the company works with T-Mobile, while in Switzerland it collaborates with SALT.

  • Bouygues Telecom partners with Starlink to complete its offering for businesses
  • The operator is now a reseller of the Starlink subscription intended for businesses
  • This merger is driven by the decommissioning of the copper network, which is pushing businesses to look for new alternatives
  • And Starlink can serve as a backup solution in the event of a fiber outage, or even as a primary connectivity solution in sites not covered by fiber and 5G

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