Why Macron buries LREM

LETTER FROM THE PALACE. For the head of state, the “new method” he promised involves a profound renewal of the presidential party.

Why Macron buries LREM

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Emmanuel Macron's “new mandate” is first and foremost a change of pace. Since his re-election on April 24, it is an understatement to say that the five-year term is slowly being put in place. In 2017, it was necessary to “transform” in all directions, even if it meant robbing the country. In 2022, the reforms will wait, the priority is “consultation” and the search for “consensus”. Certainly, the president is waiting to know if he will have a majority to act after the legislative elections and how big it will be. His government, appointed after more than three weeks of reflection, still needs to be completed.

But, beyond a considerably slower pace, the Head of State still has to concretize his “new method” brandished as a slogan during the campaign. “For now, we're sticking to the words

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