Why Moldova is a target for Vladimir Putin


The poorest country in Europe must, like neighboring Ukraine, deal with a separatist Russian-speaking minority. Incidents sharpen the tension. I subscribe for 1€ the 1st month

Will the war in Ukraine spread to a neighboring country? The incidents that agitate this week the Russian-speaking separatist territory of Transnistria, in Moldova, on the southwestern border of Ukraine, raise fears. Transnistria is a strip of territory barely 10 kilometers wide by just over 400 kilometers long, stretching between the Dniester River and the Ukrainian border and home to nearly 500,000 inhabitants. This is where the puppet state dubbed the “Dniester Moldavian Republic” (DMR) was proclaimed more than thirty years ago.

Tiraspol, the territory's capital, has remained frozen in the era Soviet: a huge statue of Lenin sits in front of the Supreme Soviet (parliament), the flag of the RMD is struck with the hammer and sickle and Russian troops are there to

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