Why people shudder in their sleep: several important signals from the body


November 17, 2020, 03:04 | Medicine

Night tremors in sleep have certain reasons.

Why people shudder in their sleep: several important signals from the body

Probably many of you have experienced involuntary twitching of both limbs and the whole body while falling asleep or during sleep. Sometimes a person may not even remember it, but learns about night tremors from his loved ones. According to experts, this condition can be caused by both physiological and pathological factors, Ukr.Media informs.

Under the condition of frequent tremors during sleep, a person has a sleep disorder, which often entails a number of negative consequences: fatigue, irritability, etc. Doctors call breathing disorders during sleep one of the causes of shivering. Such failure is often accompanied by shivering in the chest and entire body. Lack of oxygen supply to the brain in this case is accompanied by its immediate reaction in the form of a kind of shock, which should make the lungs work.

Involuntary tremors can also be caused by excessive mental and physical stress. during the day. An overexcited brain that is unable to relax can cause twitching of this nature. Another reason for night tremors can be the so-called check by the brain of the work of all body systems. While the whole body relaxes and rests at night, the brain, continuing to work, exercises control over the human condition. Various external stimuli can also cause tremors during sleep: sharp sound, bright light, etc.

In order to avoid night tremors, doctors advise limiting or completely stopping performance of work that requires increased mental and physical activity.


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