Why should the driver always open the car door with his right hand when getting out of the car


August 4, 2022, 16:38 | Auto

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Why should a driver always open the car door with your right hand

There is no need to repeat why you should carefully follow the traffic rules. But not all nuances are described in the manuals and examination tickets. And we forget about some with a clear conscience. And we don't even think about it at all, informs Ukr.Media.

Why do you need to open the car door with your right hand?

Any driver knows how many potential threats an ordinary car hides. Even when the car is just standing and you are peacefully sipping coffee in it. Can you guess what we are talking about? How about this statistic: in the relatively peaceful American city of Chicago, a bicyclist is hit every day. No, they don't crash at full speed. And just by opening the car door…

It turns out that he crashed into an open car door. is a very common cause of injury among cyclists around the world. In order to reduce the statistics of fractures and injuries, stickers were even pasted on the doors of each of the 13,000 taxis in New York with the warning: "Look around! There may be a cyclist behind. It is difficult to say how much it helped. But on this occasion, the network began to remind about a simple life hack from the bicycle capital of the world — Amsterdam. And it can save someone's health.

The point is that the driver and the passenger sitting behind him should open the door only with their right hand. Not the left one, which is closer to the door. This simple movement will make you turn around and look in the mirror and the window in passing. And you can definitely notice if a bicycle is rapidly approaching the car.

Always open the door of the "far" car. away from her with your hand – so you will definitely notice the cyclist.

If you are sitting on the opposite side (next to the driver or in a suitable place at the back), then, on the contrary, open the door only with your left hand. To put it simply: always open the car door "far" from the door by hand.


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