Why some people get rich and others don't – the reason for everything is the way you look at life


November 23, 2021, 17:05 | Business

The psychology of wealth.

Why some get rich and others don't — the reason for everything is the outlook on life

Poor people are always troubled by one thought – why they have nothing when someone has everything they want. In fact, the reason for everything is the outlook on life and the right psychological attitudes, informs Ukr.Media.

Starting opportunities

The reason is that divide the world into poor and rich quite a lot. Sometimes circumstances predispose a person to difficulties on the way to money and recognition, and there are, on the contrary, those that facilitate this task.

Many people are born into rich families, so they are provided from birth. Many are born in rich countries, so it is easier for them to achieve success. Many are born with arms and legs that help them not to sit still, but to act. Finally, many are born with a desire to succeed that is stronger than any circumstances – be it poor health, adverse country conditions, or poor parents.

The starting psychological state is very important because only you can determine your strengths and understand where your opportunities end.

Differences between the rich and the poor

The worldviews of a rich person and a poor person differ, but how much? Psychologists have identified the main differences between representatives of the polar strata of society.

The first difference: the most important difference between the rich and the poor is the accumulation of funds and their receipt. Only those who try to earn money, not collect it, get rich. Of course, accumulation is also useful, but on an extremely moderate scale.

The second difference: the one who gets rich is not the one who does something unique, but the one who is unique himself. This does not mean that you need to quit your job and do something special. You just need to learn from your mistakes, and also look for benefits in absolutely everything.

The third difference: only self-confident people get rich. Overconfidence in one's abilities is a disadvantage in the opinion of those who cannot get rich.

Fourth difference: those who earn money from what they love, and not sitting at a job they don't like, get rich.

Difference fifth: only those who soberly look into the future and rarely look back at the past increase their incomes. Live in the present and the future without opening the read pages of your life.

The sixth difference: poor people learn to survive all their lives, and rich people learn to be even richer. The point is that you can get rich only if you set the right goal and study correctly.

Wanting to get everything, we find a chance to get at least something. This makes sense, because if you want stability, you will get fewer problems. If you want a lot of money, you will get limited income. If you want to get everything, you will get at least a lot. And the psychological attitude really plays an important role in this.


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