Why the duvet cover eats things when washing in the washing machine, and how to deal with it


    August 9, 2020, 3:06 p.m. | Science and technology

    How to avoid problems when washing with a “gluttonous” duvet cover.

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    The duvet cover starts to “eat” during washing. things, which reflects on the quality of their cleanliness. The reason may be the operation of the automatic machine, which uses eddy currents, as well as other factors. Simple methods of stacking the duvet in the drum will help to avoid problems with its “gluttony”, informs Ukr.Media.

    Why does the duvet “eat” things in the machine

    Loading a duvet with other things into the automatic machine sometimes leads to the fact that when you take them out, it turns out that she has “eaten” them. This causes discomfort and nervousness. In addition, they protrude worse, and even more so, they remain poorly rinsed.

    To understand why this happens, you need to know the principle of operation of the vending machine. Washing takes place due to centrifugal force in the machine, which spins the drum. Things are constantly thrown at its walls. Depending on their size, they are distributed differently on the drum.

    Water flows of different strength also affect the fact that the blanket “eats” other things that are in the same download with it. A heavy blanket can move only due to a strong flow, or be completely pressed against the wall of the drum. Other things that can move more easily due to small jets. Therefore, they move faster and often press against the duvet until an opening is found. When one thing gets into it, it makes the duvet heavier, so they start to “jump in”. all other things.

    Tips to keep the duvet from "from'eating" things

    The problem with the duvet cover, when it “eats” during washing things are solved simply. It is worth applying any of the methods as desired, and you can easily remove and wash things in the washing machine.


    • buy a special laundry bag. The duvet cover will be washed separately from other things, which will save them from its “gluttony”. But it is worth making sure that the bag is well fastened or tied, because during washing it can come loose and the problem will return; ;
    • tie the two ends of the blanket;
    • tie the blanket with a rope in the middle;
    • sew the opening on the blanket.
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      It will be easier to wash any things by sorting them. This is a prerequisite for high-quality washing. Along with the blanket, you need to put a thing of the same weight. It can be a tablecloth, a sheet or a bedspread. It is better not to combine bedding with personal clothes.

      You can wash the duvet cover and sheets at a higher water temperature, because simple clothes do not like them. Therefore, sorting things will help to improve their cleanliness and quality. Small things will remain flat, and not twisted, as happens after falling into the hole of the duvet cover.


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