Why The Midwich Cuckoos Is As Scary As The Omen


    Why the series

    Sky Max TV network presented a new version of the film based on the famous novel by John Wyndham. The city falls asleep, and wakes up with dozens of “tossed” children. Why the series “Midwich Cuckoos” turned out to be truly creepy and what are its shortcomings.

    Midwich Cuckoo

    The novel went through several successful film adaptations (under the name “Village of the Damned”), so the overall plot is not a mystery. Suddenly, something descended from heaven on a quiet provincial town: a UFO, lightning, a dome. Everyone within Midwich lost consciousness. Some are unsuccessfully fatal. However, 12 hours pass and people come to life, relatives break through an invisible wall. Everyone is happy.

    Happy until the moment when it turns out that all the women of reproductive age in Midwich got pregnant that day. This fact is also not particularly frightening for expectant mothers. Even when several women who decide to have an abortion at some point simultaneously lose their “willpower” and leave the clinic.

    As usual in this case, the non-trivial abilities of children become frightening along with their growth.



    Small and scary

    Growing up, cuckoos begin to firmly defend their interests. Suspicious parents can be seriously hurt. And those who try to leave Midwich will perish. It turns out that children have a single mind, and what one knows, everyone knows. In this scenario, small aliens are ahead of people in transmitting information and responding to attempts to expose.

    Why the series « Midwich Cuckoos is as scary as the Omen

    Children's play deserves special attention. You can't help but compare to Damien from The Omen. Unblinking glances from under the brows, without turning the head to the right or left, peer intently at the victims, who begin to carry out invisible orders. And if in the original novel and previous films all the children were white blondes, then in the new series the cubs were made racially diverse. I must say that in this case, perhaps, it became better and worse. After all, you already expect trouble from a dozen clones of the same type, and when you have quite ordinary children in front of you and suddenly squint unkindly, it’s as if eleven Damiens looked at you. And go and know what misfortune they called.

    All the mechanics of the actions of children also resemble “Omen”. Their favorite method is to get their parents to make trouble for themselves. Although sometimes you can expect a more varied path to self-mutilation.

    Midwich Hivemind

    And yet, no matter how well “Cuckoos” would look like a mystical thriller with the tricks of Satan, but the novel and the series are declared as fiction. Children are “brought” into Midwich in a clearly alien way and demonstrate a collective mind.

    Alas, to speculate on the topic – how dangerous it is for people or not – the authors almost do not give. It would seem that a group of children who can take control of everyone, including the soldiers of the nearest military base, will definitely win. But even among them there is a “zradnyk” that hides thoughts from the collective mind – is it possible?

    There is also a special government group of “men in black” who knows about what happened. He even knows analogues of how similar invasions were fought in other countries (in the series – in the USSR, in the novel – also in Australia and Canada). However, these special agents also work indifferently, sometimes not appearing in the frame in whole series. A strange apathy of the government instead of a prompt reaction to the invasion.

    Therefore, sometimes the plot has to be thought out for the scriptwriters to make it a little more exciting. Apparently, these plot gaps, and the director's uncertainty about what to shoot – mysticism or science fiction – were also reflected in the variety of ratings of viewers and critics.

    • Rotten Tomatoes viewers turned out to be the most merciless – 44% of 100.
    • IMDb – 6.5 out of 10
    • Kinopoisk – 6.8
    • Rotten Tomatoes (professional critics) – 71%

    The author tends to estimate 6.5. The series should definitely appeal to fans of scary stories about the impact on the mind.


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