Why the producer of “Mushrooms” Yuri Bardash chose the side of Russia


    Why producer &laquo ;Gribov» Yuriy Bardash chose the side of Russia

    Producer Yuriy Bardash, judging by the video, deliberately burned bridges in Ukraine, breaking off relations with colleagues and family.

    Media and social networks are full sharp discussions of anti-Ukrainian statements by a major domestic producer Yuriy Bardash, who created the mega-popular projects “Mushrooms” and Wellboy: “This is suicide!” For four months, the producer who was silent for an hour and a half of the live broadcast explained everything in detail: he is not with the Ukrainians. Not with his team of artists or even family. But this is his conscious choice in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

    To date, Bardash has deleted all posts on Instagram, except for two videos – his live video broadcast on the evening of July 1. There Bardash clearly voiced his position: an hour and a half in two parts in the public domain. The first part has 76 thousand views, the second – 100 thousand.

    The appearance of the video was preceded by a series of events. In June, many of Bardash's employees announced the termination of relations with their producer: Anton Velboy and sound producer and director of Wellboy clips Yevgeny Triplov terminated the contract with him. The frontman of the neo-chanson group “Corruption”, which was produced by Bardash, Misha Krupin was the first to clearly tell that Bardash, who is abroad, does not plan to return to Ukraine: “He does not have a Russian passport yet. It is not so easy to get it. He is now in Georgia. But , as I understand it, he really is going to move to Russia.” Regarding his conversations with Yuri Krupin, he noted: “At first we still talked. And then it began from the series “nationalism is the enemy of humanity.”

    So now the producer is in Georgia. And the beginning of the war found him in Sri Lanka, where he rested with his wife and daughter. That is, Russian missiles did not fly over his head – let's note this fact.

    In early June, Velboy said that Yuriy Bardash did not come to Ukraine from Georgia because of his daughter. Bardash's colleagues kept asking him why he was silent about the war?

    “I was silent for four months,” Bardash said at the start of his video, and he gave it away! Like a mother-in-law at a wedding from Zhvanetsky's story: “I didn't want to speak, but I'll say it!”.

    Pay attention to one detail: in Bardash's emotional statements, everything related to Ukraine is in a negative light, and everything related to the USSR and Russia is in a positive light. And the war he watched abroad did not change his attitude.

    NEGATIVE. The main theses from the video of Yuri Bardash

    The authorities are lying

    Bardash scolds the Ukrainian authorities, saying that they lied about the imminent victory after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, and now they are massively mobilizing the population. The fact that the Russian authorities said that they would take Kyiv in three days – Yuri not a word.

    “Four months have passed, what do we have? We all remember what those “talking heads” said that we we will “do” everything and everyone, and we believed them. But what do we have? Kherson is gone, it is gone. Zaporozhye region is half, Donbass is the same. Accordingly, the policy of loosening hatred, which the leadership proposed to us, did not go benefit,” says the producer.

    Kyiv, Sumy, Chernihiv, Kharkiv recaptured from the enemy are not mentioned.

    About hatred

    “The agenda of the media and in politics has gone to hatred in society,” Bardash continues. “After the events in Bucha, they broadcast the same thing as if on command. They began to call Russians pig dogs. How can this help solve the war when the situation only escalates?”

    Wrong EU values

    “What are people dying for now? For making it easier for gays, for liberal values? I’m not against gays, well, it happens that someone likes to “knead the clay.” Okay, knead yourself carefully, behind closed doors… European values: green energy? Are you laughing? It's a circus. Visa-free? We'll all die for this? Not you, but the boys from the villages.”

    About the Armed Forces

    “What APU? who lived in their village, twisted the tails of cows? They just grabbed everyone, and into the stove. Mothers went crazy with grief. There are no boys, there is no one. And our artists cry: “Let's help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

    In vain we collect money for armament

    “Give your last penny to Bayraktary. To let you know, people steal money from the funds that collect it. 30% falls into your pocket, and you live for this money. You give the last penny, but no one cares how you live “.

    Ukrainians are hostages

    “In my understanding, the Ukrainian people are now being held hostage, and terrorist attacks will begin that people never even dreamed of. September 11 will seem like flowers compared to that they will arrange on the territory of Ukraine”.

    About the family

    Wife, Elizaveta Bardash, wrote on Instagram: “Yura, goodbye, sorry Yura” (#Ukrainaponaduse). About Yura – a line from “Neangels”.

    Bardash: “Everyone disowned me. My wife simply said not to touch my daughter, that I am a traitor. I understand her, she is 25 years old, she grew up in Ukraine and does not know anything else. But not only youngsters live in Ukraine, you understand this. The world does not revolve around 10% of the country's population.”

    About Ukrainianness in yourself and your team

    “Don’t I love Ukraine? I love it. I began to look for Ukrainianness in myself. And I decided to make a Ukrainian project. culture. But then the pandemic… And now the whole team turned away from me: “Get out.” You can't even imagine what these people who fed from my hand yesterday are pouring on me.

    Declared a separatist


    “I was declared a henchman of Russia, a collaborator, a separatist. I understand that you are all evil. But it's not me who incites ethnic hatred. I didn't do it. I always advocated friendship … But in the end: everyone disowned me.”

    Why producer &laquo

    POSITIVE. About Soviet childhood, Russia and the capitulation of Japan

    Born in the USSR

    Yuri sets out his biography at the beginning of the video, specifying that he was born in Alchevsk in 1983. In the USSR. In the Donbass, he lived in an orphanage, and then was brought up by foster parents. Despite the obviously difficult childhood, Bardash assesses him positively, emphasizing that the first seven years of his life in the Ukrainian SSR shaped his Soviet consciousness.

    The Russian Federation is mighty and invincible

    “I have been in contact with the Russian Federation since 2007, and before that I went on tour, traveled all over Russia. The potential of this country cannot be compared with any country in the world. , a great culture, that's a fact… And the people who destroy the Pushkins and Lermontovs are called Bandera. “Bandera” slaughtered Poles in hundreds of thousands… Everyone I deal with has never read a history book in their lives, and today they are all masters. I not a master, I feel in my heart and have lived a little, I'm 39… There is a neighbor next to us, Russia. He is a big, powerful, tough, northern neighbor. Do you want to destroy them in righteous anger? But how can this happen?”.

    Advice to Ukraine – to surrender: Japan became cool after the surrender

    “How can this all end? Do you all know Japan? A magnificent country, advanced, technological, culture has been preserved. What did they do when there was a war with America?What did all the wise leaders do?They capitulated. Now it is one of the most developed countries. They made the right decision in time.”

    “We risk ending up where we're going,” Yuriy wrote prophetically recently in his telegram channel “Philosophy of Bardash”. And, apparently, he will soon be in Russia, sacrificing Ukrainian colleagues and even family.


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