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Why the SEGA Megadrive is associated with child sexual abuse on Facebook ?

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It was at the end of 1990, SEGA launched its Mega Drive in France, accompanied, not by Sonic the Hedgehog as one might think, but by & #8217;Alex Kidd, Golden Ax or even Altered Beast. Even today, the Mega Drive is considered by many players as one of the jewels of retrogaming. 5 years ago, SEGA (re)launched its famous console, in Mini format. But if there's one place SEGA's 16-bit console isn't popular, it's on Facebook.

The SEGA Megadrive “consola non grata” on Facebook ?

Indeed, it seems that the giant Meta is more #TeamSuperNintendo than #TeamMegaDrive. For several months now, looking for the “mega drive” on Facebook returns a result to say the least… disturbing.

According to Facebook, the research could be associated with child sexual abuse. The American giant then takes care to remind you that the sexual abuse of minors, like its visualization, can lead to prison sentences. But what does this have to do with the video game console launched almost 34 years ago here ?

Why the SEGA Megadrive is associated with child sexual abuse on Facebook ?

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In reality, it seems that Facebook has decided to filter searches concerning the file-sharing platform Mega. Used to distribute just about anything and (especially) anything, the Mega platform is said to be particularly monitored by the American social network, especially after hosting numerous files related to child pornography.

Associated with the word “drive” (i.e. “reader”), the search “mega drive” could be problematic according to Facebook. For the American giant, it is therefore a question of blocking as much as possible requests similar to “mega download”.

Note that another search involving the term “mega”, such as Capcom's blue robot “mega man“, no worries. On the other hand, if we only type “mega” in the search bar, Facebook indicates that no results are available at the moment.

Why the SEGA Megadrive is associated with child sexual abuse on Facebook ?


To return to the Mega Drive, remember that SEGA had offered several variants of its 16-bit consoles, notably a second version which abandoned the stereo output via the 3.5 mm jack port, with the added bonus of a less qualitative TV output (but nevertheless in stereo for once).

And you were more Mega Drive or Super Nintendo ?

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