Why vegans should not drink coffee and tea, experts told

German experts explained why vegans should not drink coffee, tea, wine. We are talking about the polyphenols that inhibit the absorption of iron.

Почему веганам не рекомендуется пить кофе и чай, рассказали эксперты

According to experts from Germany, people who prefer extreme form of vegetarianism, should pay attention to two key points that relate to their diet: they should be well provided with iron and vitamin B12, given the lack of animal products. It is very important to take a second step: in addition to refrain from food and beverages, which prevents the absorption of vital minerals and vitamins that is associated with polyphenols. In particular, we are talking about tea, coffee and wine.

The experts added, when vegans or vegetarians eat whole grains, legumes or vegetables, they also contain iron. Only the body can assimilate Fe from foods of animal origin is better than plant. To compensate for this, there is a trick: deliberately combine containing food items with rich in vitamin C such as peppers, cabbage or citrus fruits. For example, potatoes with peppers or vegetables of broccoli, muesli with pieces of Mandarin or Apple juice, and spinach with salmon and lemon.

It should be noted, the necessary intake of vitamin B12 is not an issue only for vegans. With age, the deficiency occurs in meat eaters. This includes people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pregnant women, infants or nursing mothers. Important substance needed for cell division, blood formation, energy release and the functioning of the nervous system. Iron in turn is a component of hemoglobin, responsible for oxygen transport and storage in the muscles.

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