Why walking around the house in indoor slippers is considered harmful


July 4, 2022, 18:34 | In the world

What should be home shoes according to doctors.

Why walking around the house in indoor slippers is considered harmful

Each of us associates slippers with home coziness and comfort, but not everyone knows that this is a rather harmful wardrobe item that doctors do not recommend to have in the house or, in extreme cases, advise to use them as rarely as possible, informs Ukr.Media.

Why indoor slippers are considered harmful shoes

Orthopedics are the most against indoor slippers. They believe that most often a person buys home shoes without taking into account their impact on health. In their opinion, indoor slippers on a flat sole, without "backs" and heels that do not support the shape of the leg are extremely harmful to health.

When walking in such slippers, a person is forced to squeeze his toes in order to get hold of them, due to which, over time, valgus changes in the foot and finger joints occur, and a lot of other diseases can develop.

In addition, lovers of home slippers on the feet, most often under the big toe, the so-called "soles" are formed; — growth of compacted skin tissue, which can be difficult to get rid of.

Doctors also do not ignore the issue of hygiene when wearing indoor slippers. After all, these shoes, which are changed relatively rarely, are often worn on bare feet, and sometimes shared with guests. Over time, a large number of microorganisms accumulate in slippers, and they can become a source of fungal diseases.

Which shoes are better to walk around the house in

Doctors advise to forget about soft home slippers and give preference to supportive home shoes with a dense structure, which have orthopedic properties and are made of natural materials.

Home shoes should be selected strictly according to the size, which is determined by the length feet, have a wide front section, a stable "butt", a small heel (2-3 cm) and a fastener that fixes the leg well. You can also use shoes with laces.

It is important that home shoes have thick soles that absorb well. In extreme cases, you can use orthopedic insoles, which fix the foot in the correct position and reduce the load on the joints.

For hygienic purposes, it is advisable to wear house shoes together with socks.


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