Why, when driving on a dusty road, you must turn on the air conditioner fan


June 30, 2022, 20:07 | Auto

How to make sure you don't sweat and breathe in dust.

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With the onset of summer heat, many motorists began to go outside more often. At the same time, the path to the place may partly be along a dusty guide. And here many people have a dilemma – to turn off the climate system so that it does not drag dust into the cabin, or simply close the windows, informs Ukr.Media.

Dust, pollen – summer brings car owners no less trouble than winter. Dust that instantly accumulates in the car interior has to be cleaned almost every day. And if you often have to drive on the roads or stand in a traffic jam, where there is a reserve of free space for “bystanders” who raise pillars of dust, then cleaning becomes not something that is a daily ritual, but an hourly one. As a result, car owners are trying to invent ways to reduce dust entering the cabin. And one of the recommendations is a method that involves completely turning off the climate system while driving on a dusty road. Is this solution correct?

Let's start by learning one simple truth – a car is not completely airtight. Dust still enters the cabin, if not through open doors and windows, then through seals and the climate system (even though it is equipped with a filter). If there is a lot of dust outside, it means that there will be more than enough dust inside, no matter what. And even if you turn off the climate system by stopping its fan, the flow of debris into the interior of the car will not stop. Moreover: it will even increase. And therefore there is an objective reason.

Yes, yes, with the stove or air conditioner turned off, there will be more dust in the cabin. And damned physics is to blame. The whole thing is that when driving on a dusty area with the climate system fan deactivated, the pressure inside the car and outside will be the same. In other words, it is not difficult for small particles of dust to penetrate into the gaps between the door seals or into any technical holes in the body.

And now let's remember what happens when a smoker opens the window a little – the cigarette smoke is immediately directed outside . And the reason for this is the difference in air pressure inside and outside the car. It also works with the fan of the air conditioner or stove turned on.

When the fan is working, it creates excess pressure in the car interior, even if only a little. Therefore, it becomes much more difficult for road dust to penetrate where it is literally pushed out. Due to this effect, there will definitely be less dust in the cabin than if you save the cabin filter by turning off the climate system.

The conclusion suggests itself: when driving over rough terrain, close the windows and doors of the car more tightly, turn off the air conditioner fan, and drive calmly without fear of inhaling too much dust, even if there is a car in front of you. It is better to change the cabin filter one more time than to sweat, thinking that you have outsmarted everyone.


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