Why you can't get rich and how to get rid of limiting beliefs


July 31, 2022, 22:07 | Business

The psychology of money and the psychology of wealth.

Why you can't get rich and how to get rid of limiting beliefs

There is a passage in Spiritual Economy:

"Sell your possessions and give alms. Buy such wallets that do not wear out, treasures in heaven, where neither a thief will get to them, nor a moth will eat them, informs Ukr.Media.

In the modern world, this means: do what you love, get rich, but at the same time bring benefit to society: first with your work, and then with work and material assistance to the needy. Kind deeds and words are the most valuable currency that will never disappear from your wallet.

Rich people know: the more you give, the more you get. However, you need to share what you have in excess, you cannot sacrifice yourself. In the pursuit of money, the main thing is to remember high, spiritual goals and treat money as a means of achieving them.

Psychology of money in human life


Who does not want to be rich, you ask. Imagine, some people do not want, or rather, they are afraid. Unconsciously, of course. Why? For example, they are sure that they can't earn a lot of money in an honest way, and they don't want to be dishonest people (it's a secret: you can be honest and rich). Or they run away from money, because the image of a rich person who lives in their head looks unattractive, and they are panicked afraid to become the same.

Money is loved when it is loved and respected. If you believe that money should be earned through hard work, that living paycheck to paycheck is normal, that big money corrupts people, then it will not come to you.

Psychological and economic aspects of money

From an economic point of view, money is a resource that can be used to purchase something. However, from the point of view of psychology, money is energy. If you learn to treat them as opportunities to achieve big life goals, your income will begin to multiply.

The difference in the psychology of the rich and the poor is small:

  • the former know how to earn a million, but they do not always know what to spend it on;
  • the latter do not know how to earn a million, but they know exactly what they would spend it on if it were in their hands right now. Usually, these are momentary splurges on something material.

Money should be managed wisely. To see in them not food, clothes and other things, but to consider money as an opportunity for growth and freedom.

Differences in the psychology of money of men and women

Below we analyzed in detail what is the difference between the psychology of men and women:


  • Multiply and invest;
  • Worry about real threats;
  • Willingly take risks;
  • Rely on themselves more often;


  • They save money;
  • They worry at the thought of possible danger;
  • They choose stability;
  • Most often they rely on men or someone else ;

A healthy attitude towards money

Food, housing, clothes, education, books, doctors' services – everything in our world is paid for. You can't live well without money, that's a fact. But it is also wrong to worship money, to cross oneself and others for the sake of wealth.

In spiritual economy it is said:

"Those who want to be rich will fall into a trap and create temptation for themselves, and will give in to many harmful and foolish desires that plunge people into disaster and destruction. After all, the love of money is the root of all evil. Some, in their desire for them, have shied away from faith and brought themselves a cruel misfortune.

What a healthy attitude towards money:

  • to know clearly, how much you need for a comfortable life and earn money from your favorite business;
  • increase your income through investments;
  • keep calm and confidence in the face of financial failures;
  • no obsess over money;
  • count income and expenses.

The main thing is to focus on quality in everything and not to spend thoughtlessly.

What to do if there is an objection to money

Let's figure it out popular negative beliefs that prevent you from becoming rich.

Fear of envy

Many years ago, people knew that envy does not lead to anything good. In the spiritual economy, we find this idea exactly confirmed:

"Where there is envy and selfishness, there is disorder and all kinds of evil.

Envy only harms those it eats up. Unhappy people will always find whom and why to envy, but you should not limit yourself because of this.

A woman should not be more successful than a man

Okay, then choose such men that you still need to grow up and have to chase long and hard, not those who are satisfied with an average monthly salary and lie on the couch all day long.

Or another option: forget about any competition with a man and use modern ideas about partnership in a relationship. To be a man's inspiration and get real benefits from it.

Money is soulless

Money is neutral, but people are spiritual and unspiritual. And then, depending on whom the money reaches, it acquires certain colors. If a person already has sinfulness, then money, like a blotting paper, will show it. But if a person and his thoughts are pure, then money will help to become even richer and more spiritual. For example, you can engage in charity work.

After getting rich, I will become a different person

After getting rich, you will definitely become a different person, but what kind of person you are – depends only on you. In the process of transformation, you will gradually come out of dependence on banks, bosses, relatives or someone else, your freedom and strength will increase every day, only you will control yourself.

What energy will you release that lives in your soul? Answer this question honestly, and you will understand what kind of person you will become.

Useful beliefs about money that are worth buying

Attitudes with which you can replace the beliefs that destroy you:

  • you can earn from your favorite business;
  • there are many opportunities in the world;
  • every person can become rich, regardless of your past or present;
  • everyone already has everything to be rich, you just need to unlock your potential;
  • money is not an end in itself, but a means of achieving life goals;
  • the path to a rich and happy life can be easy and interesting.

Don't forget the useful self-suggestion phrases "I am worthy to be rich", "I worthy of a happy life', 'I can work less and more efficiently'.

Secrets of successful people

< p>Successful and rich people find themselves in various businesses, but they live according to general laws:

  • They read a lot and continuously develop;
  • They keep a success diary;
  • < li>Plan their day, week, month, life;

  • Study expenses and income;
  • Take failures as lessons and opportunities for growth;
  • Create and try to make our a better world;
  • They think about themselves and others;
  • Make new acquaintances with different people;
  • They dream and boldly take on the implementation of ideas;
  • Learn from those who are stronger and help those who are weaker;
  • Choose one goal and achieve it;
  • Take care of their spiritual, mental and physical health' I, that is, develop body and spirit.

And, of course, every rich and successful person loves, respects and values ​​himself. She treats the world, other people and money in the same way.

Money is a responsibility. Not every person is ready to take it upon himself, so unconsciously he tries to get rid of wealth. Temptations, fears, complexes, insecurity – everyone has their own obstacles on the way to financial freedom, but every person can get rid of them and become independent.


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