Why you should not exchange a large bill for small and other superstitions about money


July 9, 2022, 12:05 | Business

6 famous money signs.

Why you should not change a large bill on petty and other superstitions about money

There are many omens and superstitions associated with financial luck and luck. Some of them have a special power, informs Ukr.Media.

You can adopt the six most famous money signs, which are used by thousands of people.

6 superstitions and omens for money

In order for the financial situation to be stable, it is necessary to observe the following:

  1. You should not exchange large bills for small ones, especially if outsiders ask for it. In monetary terms, there will be no visual losses in this situation. At the same time, folk wisdom says that by exchanging bills, you can get rid of your luck and attract poverty. After all, as a result, a person is left with a small thing that has weaker energy. If you do the opposite, the cash flow will increase.
  2. Random money found on the road will not lead to anything positive in life. Together with them, you can raise someone else's negative karma.
  3. You should give bills and coins with your right hand, and take them with your left. Adhering to superstitions, you should not disturb the monetary energy exchange, and then luck in finances will not leave your life.
  4. Empty dishes should not be placed on the table. This is considered a bad omen. Otherwise, the house will be empty.
  5. When money luck has fallen on a person completely unexpectedly, for example, a lottery win or something else, then easily obtained bills do not need to be kept at home. It is best to spend them immediately on the needs of loved ones. Such money can have unstable energy, so it is not worth bringing it home.
  6. At the moment when paying a debt or borrowing money, do not look into the eyes of the one who takes or gives bills. Otherwise, you can lose financial luck and luck.

Observing omens and superstitions that are interconnected with money will attract abundance and activate positive energy around a person.


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