Wife wanted to do laundry but couldn't in dirty washing machine. I found a way to effectively clean it inside

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It is no secret to anyone that very hard water with numerous impurities ends up in our homes.

Wife wanted to do laundry but couldn't in a dirty washing machine. I found a way to effectively clean her inside

I only installed a drinking water filter in the apartment, I didn't have enough money for everything else. Therefore, both the washing machine and the dishwasher are supplied with water directly from the water supply, without any filtration.

It's bad for the equipment

There are many methods to clean the washing machine itself, but not I managed to discover too much information about how and with what to clean the drawers and nooks and crannies of the washing machine from deposits.

Everyone knows that when cleaning the washing machine from the inside, you have to reach every nook and cranny, and the drawers have to be removed and wash them separately.

Honestly, I didn't think they could get dirty, but then my wife tried to wash the clothes, I opened the pockets to load the powder and was horrified.

They were all covered in a thick layer of tarnish and dirt. I tried to scrape them off somehow, it turned out poorly. Immediately afterwards, I tried all the cleaning products I had at home, to no avail.

Then I had the idea to use citric acid, which I use to clean the kettle. Here's another slip-up, the water in the kettle boils and then cools down, not so with the washing machine.

I had to experiment a bit

I had to be radical. My next experiment was with vinegar. The same liquid, but more aggressive than citric acid. Sponges for washing dishes came to my aid here.

After wetting the walls of “pockets” washing machines, I stuffed sponges soaked in vinegar into them and closed the drawer with ”pockets”. Regardless, the vinegar evaporated and smelled less. About once an hour I checked the condition of the “pockets” and added some vinegar to the sponges.

Four hours later, after checking the condition of the “pockets” cavity, I was satisfied with how clean they were. I removed limescale and dirt deposits very easily with the same sponges and not even a yellowing was left. Now I look and the eye rejoices!

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