Wikipedia is the most visited website in 43 countries, but in Spain soccer wins

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Wikipedia is the most visited web page in 43 countries, but in Spain soccer wins

Every day we spend hours and hours immersed in the internet. However, each country has different habits. That is why the domain provider Hostinger has made a map detailing what to do. web pages are the most visited in the world, a ranking that Wikipedia heads and leaves several curiosities.

Google, Facebook and Youtube They are by far the most visited web pages in the world. Their domain is so absolute that Hostinger has chosen to set them aside and analyze which are the other most popular domains, leaving a map with a more varied consumption. Wikipedia is like that the most visited page in 43 countries, including France, Germany, Australia, India or Cameroon.

The second position is for Twitter . The blue bird's social network is the most visited website in up to 10 countries such as Mexico, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. or Chile.

The third position is for the electronic commerce giant Amazon and the sports medium Kooora, both websites being the most visited in four countries. Amazon dominates searches in the United States and Kooora does it in Jordan or Algeria. The Baltic news portal Delfi and the forum Reddit occupy fourth position tied with three countries.

In Spain win the football

Hostinger's studio prints a soccer ball over the silhouette of Spain and does so because the most visited website here is a soccer ball. is none other than that of the sports media MARCA.

This fact is not unusual, since there are several European countries where media websites stand out. local. In the United Kingdom, the most visited page is that of the BBCand in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania it is Delfi. This commitment to the digital press also occurs in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina, among others. The BBC is the most visited media in up to 12 countries, while MARCA is the first in five (Spain, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama and Venezuela).

El aná; Hostinger's analysis leaves a multitude of curiosities. Like Netflix is ​​the most visited page in Sierra Leone, 9GAG in Nicaragua, Nintenderos in Guatemala, Blogspot in Bolivia, 4chan in Georgia or IMDB in Liberia. Citizens of Peru They are the ones who spend the most time watching movies and television and those in the Philippines who spend the most time on social networks, a total of four hours and 15 minutes a day.

El The study does not include China, since it uses an internet that is closed to the world and under the control of the communist government. like large swathes of Asia and Africa which, as they point out, “are not connected at all.”