Wiktor Zborowski broke the silence about Jerzy Stuhr's behavior. The actor's words give food for thought

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The son-in-law of Wiktor Zborowski played in the film. The premiere was an opportunity to comment on Jerzy Stuhr's behavior.

 Wiktor Zborowski broke his silence about Jerzy Stuhr's behavior. The actor's words make you think

When the media circulated information about driving on dual gas made by actor Jerzy Stuhr, the wave of criticism fell both on the 75-year-old and on his son, also the actor. Wiktor Zborowski decided to speak on this matter and spoke about the situation of his colleague from the film industry and his relatives.

Wiktor Zborowski revealed what he thought about Jerzy's behavior Stuhra

The actor arrived on October 19 for the official premiere of the film “Bejbs”, which took place in the Warsaw cinema. He appeared there because in the film he played one of the r & oacute; l Andrzej Wrona, who is his daughter's husband. There was also a media presence during the event, which is why stars and celebrities, including Wiktor Zborowski, gave a number of interviews.

As it turns out, during the conversation with the journalists of Super Express, Wiktor Zborowski commented on the conduct of Jerzy Stuhr, who was driving a car two days ago, while his blood contained 0.7 per mille of alcohol. He then hit a motorcyclist in his Lexus, who had to be hospitalized after the escaping accident perpetrator was arrested.

As Zborowski admitted, it was very bad, but Jerzy Stuhr is only human and he had the right to make a mistake. He also added that he was certain of the punishment awaiting his colleague and stated that he was sure that Jerzy Stuhr had learned a lesson from this difficult situation.

This is not the end of the difficulties arising from Jerzy Stuhr's Monday ride, because the consequences of this are also borne by his son Maciek Stuhr, on whom a wave of hatred and criticism is also pouring out over his father's behavior. Wiktor Zborowski noted that he wrote a message to Stuhr Junior and admitted that calling someone a celebrity in Poland is an offensive term.

I had no contact with Jerzy, only with Maciek, whom I tried to support because it gets backfired. He receives very unpleasant words and an attack from people who were delighted with this event – revealed to journalists Wiktor Zborowski.

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