Will Google's new operating system finally hatch in 2023?

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So far, it is unclear what exactly this operating system will be used for.

Will Google’s new operating system finally hatch in 2023?

Because of the macroeconomic context, Google is forced to tighten its belt. This year, we have also witnessed the closure of several products and services of the firm, including Stadia. But obviously, Fushia OS, the mysterious operating system that the firm has been developing for years, is not affected by the cost reduction. Google has never hidden this operating system, although it does not talk about it much. And if it is now used by the firm's connected screens, Fushia OS has been designed so that it can also be used by smartphones and computers.

Moreover, rumors had suggested that Google could replace Android and Chrome OS with Fushia. Rumors that have more or less been swept away by the company. Thus, today, we still do not know precisely what Fushia will be used for in the long term. Nevertheless, according to our colleagues from 9to5Google, the Mountain View firm could well make a big announcement next year.

What's new for Fushia OS ?

So that Fushia does not have an application catalog problem, Google has developed Android and Linux application compatibility on this operating system. However, now the firm also wants apps running natively on its new OS. According to 9to5Google, Google organized a bootcamp this year with developers to train them in the development of applications coded for Fushia OS. And that's not all, to support the development of these apps, there is also a Visual Studio plug-in, which provides the tools necessary for the development of Fushia OS apps.

Alright, Google wants to create Fushia OS versions of its applications, or it has already invited developers to offer their apps on this platform. In any case, these discoveries show that Fushia is still a priority for Google, even if we still do not know the real purpose of the development of this operating system. Moreover, 9to5Google thinks that Google could make a presentation to the general public of this operating system in 2023, during its I/O conference.

At the same time, the media moderates by recalling the words of Hiroshi Lockheimer, the head of Android, in 2019. He had indicated that Google does not see Fushia as a new OS to replace Android and Chrome OS. “That's not how we see it. We see it as a kind of place where we can try new ideas”, he also explained.

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