Will the Apple logo on the back of MacBooks light up again?

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The disappearance of the luminous logo on the back of the MacBook screen is regretted by many fans of the brand. But it could be making a comeback soon, according to people familiar with the matter as well as a new patent.

Is the Apple logo on the back of MacBooks going to glow again?

Since the big leap in design “unibody”implemented by Apple on the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro at the turn of 2015, apple computers have lost one of their most distinctive signs. Indeed, until then, it was impossible to miss a Mac user, whether in a cafĂ© or in movies and series… thanks to the prominent luminous logo on the back of the screen.

However, in 2015, Apple introduced a new, more integrated, thinner (some would say more elegant) design, while removing this distinctive sign in favor of a more discreet logo in reflective metal. With this decision, the Apple logo thus became about as (in)visible as the logo of competing computers like that of the Microsoft Surface.

The backlit Apple logo on the back of MacBooks has all chances of making a comeback!

But it will probably only be a parenthesis. Indeed, a Patently Apple and MacRumors info reports that a patent suggests the return of the glowing Apple logo on the back of Macs. And for this, the firm seems to have recruited several engineers (mentioned in the document) in 2018. This seems to confirm that the firm intends to implement a new design shift, involving the return of the apple of light.

But it would be wrong to speak of a simple return. Because the new logo will remain partially reflective like the logo found on the current generation of Mac laptops. The patent in question, filed in March 2022 and published last week in the USPTO database, indeed refers to various implementations “of backlit semi-reflecting structures. p>

In the document we can read this purpose for the less explicit:

“An electronic device such as a laptop or any other device is likely to be housed in a casing. Components such as the screen and the keyboard are likely to be installed in this casing. The back of the casing may feature a logo. The logo or any other structure of the device is likely to be equipped with a partially reflecting mirror equipped with a backlight device. The mirror is likely to give a shiny appearance to the logo or any other structure while hiding the internal components. At the same time, the partial transparency of the mirror allows illumination by backlighting from inside the device, through the latter.

< p>The patent continues:

“One or more layers of laminated thin films are capable of being configured to deliver precise light reflection off the mirror, and the desired visible light absorption spectrum […] the mirror can have a neutral color such as a light gray, or non-neutral such as a golden tint.

In addition to the return of the backlit logo on the back of MacBooks, the patent and the recruitment of engineers related to it four years ago now suggests that Apple has been preparing an all-new design for his Macs. It is possible, moreover, that we will discover it soon, perhaps in the course of the year 2023. Do you regret the disappearance of the backlit logo on current Macs? Share your opinion in the comments !

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