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The strike Will October 13 be followed? Already disruptions to be expected

SNCF, RATP, school, health… À what mobilization can be expected on Friday October 13, 2023 for the national and inter-professional strike? What are the demands? We take stock.

Five months after the promulgation of the pension reform and above all, three days of the "social conference" on low wages whose vocation is above all to relaunch dialogue, the inter-union calls for a day of national and inter-professional strike Friday October 13, 2023. Objective: to mobilize for “purchasing power and the increase in salaries, pensions and social minimums”, indicates the press release. If the call was made relayed in many sectors, remains to be seen; know what the participation will be, while the French have already taken part. Many mobilized at the start of the year against pension reform. In transport, in national education or even in the health sector, here are the forecasts:

SNCF transport disrupted and flights canceled?< /h2>

Any disruptions to SNCF train traffic will only be known later. the day before the strike, at 17 hours. But society transport wants to be reassuring and indicated à BFMTVthat traffic will be "quasi-normal on trains at low cost. high speed" this Friday, October 13. If the TGV will a priori be spared, this will not be the case for certain regional lines of TER, Transiliens and Intercités. Travelers on these lines are therefore invited to do so. exercise caution in maintaining their journey. The main unions in the sector, the CGT Cheminots, Sud Rail and the CFDT Cheminot and later Unsa, relayed this. the call "" go on strike and go on strike manifest" à all employees. On the side of the RATP, the branch of the CGT called for agents take part in strike, but no disruption is planned for the moment. Severe; also details of the disruptions are expected the day before the strike.

The strike of October 13 risks being followed in the airports, in particular that of Paris-Orly which has already been declared. announced the cancellation of 40% of flights on Friday at the request of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. Flight programs must also be reduced by 20% to 20%. Marseille-Provence and 15% to; Beauvais. Further delays or cancellations are possible at any time. cause of the strike by air traffic controllers and air navigation managers. All are demanding better pay and improved working conditions.

The call for the strike launched in schools, colleges and high schools

The call to striking the FSU-SNUipp, the first union of nursery and elementary schools should be followed. All teachers intending to strike must make themselves known to management this Wednesday at the latest, required by the obligation to declare themselves 48 hours before the start of the strike. in advance. Parents will therefore be notified and a first estimate of participation could be made before the strike. 

Middle and high school teachers should also have been trained. guests at strike by SNES-FSU, as well as those in higher education and research. In schools at all levels, strikes in ancillary services such as catering or daycare for the youngest are also likely to be disrupted by the strike .

A "Black Friday" with doctors

The health sector should be one of the most affected by the strike of October 13. All the unions representing private doctors are launching a historic call for action. the strike after the failure of negotiations with Health Insurance on the price of consultations. The inter-union ensured that on Tuesday, October 10 that "Friday, October 13 will undoubtedly be a Black Friday" in medical practices. She calls for help. cease all activities and the president of the Union of Surgeons of France, Philippe Cuq, added that "all consultation activities, technical acts are scheduled. Emergencies will be transferred to the public hospital.

The main demand of the doctors concerns the revaluation of the prices of consultations and the resumption of negotiations. The previous ones having only led to an increase of 1€50 to bring the price to 26€50 when doctors asked for a fixed price at least at 30€.

A strike from Wednesday for the energy sector?

The CGT Mines-Energie, the main union in the sector, has called for employees at strike ahead of the national interprofessional movement. The movement must begin this Wednesday, October 11 and last all day Thursday, in parallel with the salary negotiations. the strike and “taking control of work tools by collective decision”, indicated the trade unionist Fabrice Coudour at AFP. During their strike, employees could decide to reduce electricity production. à from 9 p.m. on October 11. The CGT was not, however, followed by the three other unions.

A few people in the demonstrations on October 13?

If the October 13 strike could be followed in these sectors, it should not push crowds into the streets according to the territorial intelligence service. The latter expects around 200 "moderately unifying" and anticipates the participation of 125,000 à 150,000 people throughout France, according to a note consulted by BFMTV. Timid figures which could be explained by a form of "resignation perceptible among workers" after the lack of results of the mobilizations, although very followed, against the pension reform.

With restricted participation, intelligence judges the risk of incidents " limited". Only a few cities "traditionally conducive to the overflow of the radical sphere", including "the ultra-left" or “the radicalized yellow vests”, could be an exception. In Paris for example "100à 200 elements to choose from risk" could get mixed up in the event estimated at 15,000 people.

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