Will the Prince Edward Island election take place on schedule?

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Will the elections in Prince Edward Island take place on the scheduled date?

Island Fall 2022 Legislative Work- of Prince Edward ended on December 1st. Provincial elections are scheduled for 2023.

Premier Dennis King, who supported a general election on a fixed date, is hinting these days that he might change opinion on this.

We've had two hurricanes, a malware attack, potato wart, COVID-19. I don't like to use definitive terms when talking about the future, says King.

“We are on the precipice of a difficult winter. That's what I focus on. We will be ready for elections in 2023 and everyone should expect the unexpected after what we have been through for the past three and a half years. »

— Dennis King, Premier of Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island's Elections Act provides that the next provincial election will be held on October 2, 2023.

Previous Prime Minister Liberal Wade MacLauchlan called a snap election in 2019.

The Liberal Party n didn't miss the opportunity to criticize the record of the King government.

The Prime Minister and his cabinet have spent the past month demonstrating they have no plan to govern, Liberal MP Sonny Gallant said in a statement.

Islanders have serious problems and challenges, but the best this gift card government could do was hand out Denny dollars as a token solution while sitting on an $83.8 million budget surplus, adds Mr. Gallant.

Sonny Gallant was referring to the budget surplus for the previous fiscal year, announced on October 31.

The government did not provide any financial updates this fall. Finance Minister Mark McLane predicts there will be one soon. He adds that any budget surplus from the previous year is likely reduced by spending in recent months due to Storm Fiona and inflation relief measures.

With information from CBC

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