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Will thermal engines be banned from 2035 ? Here’s why it’s less and less safe

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In 2023, the European Union adopted new legislation that will require new cars (with a few exceptions) to have zero carbon emissions from 2035. This rule effectively prohibits sales of cars using carbon. ;petrol or diesel. But for this legislation to pass, the European Commission had to reach an agreement with Germany, committing to creating a legal path to authorize vehicles running only on e-fuels.

As a reminder, e-fuel, or synthetic fuels, are a type of fuel made with CO2 and hydrogen. And the quantity of CO2 released during combustion in the engine is therefore, theoretically, the same as that captured during production.

A “priority” for the PPE&amp ;nbsp;?

After the recent European elections, it becomes even more likely that we will still be able to buy new thermal engine cars after 2035, provided that these cars use e-fuels. In a recent article, Reuters indeed mentions the project of the European People's Party (EPP), the group which obtained the most seats in the European Parliament (188 out of 720), to review EU legislation. The agency mentions a meeting of EPP MEPs which took place in Portugal, during which the group discussed its priorities for the next five years.

Reuters would have had access to a draft of the EPP's priority list which would include a “revision of the rules for reducing CO2 emissions for new cars and vans in order to allow the use of zero-emission alternative fuels beyond 2035”.

Under the influence of the PPE, the European Parliament could therefore push the European Commission (whose current president is also a member of the EPP) to review its agenda. But of course, for the moment, this is still just a rumor.

  • In order to pass the text which will ban the sales of new cars emitting CO2 after 2035, the European Commission had to reach an agreement with Germany
  • In essence, Brussels is committed to finding a legal path to authorizing combustion engine vehicles that run solely on e-fuels
  • The authorization of vehicles running on e- fuel after 2035 could, moreover, be one of the priorities of the EPP, the group which obtained the most seats in the European Parliament

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