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Will your Android smartphone be entitled to this big new AI ?

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While Apple has just presented Apple Intelligence, Google continues to deploy its ChatGPT competitor, Gemini, almost everywhere on its products and services. And among the Google applications that benefit from Gemini integration, there is the Messages app on Android, for texting. With this integration, users can chat with the chatbot directly on their smartphones' messaging app, instead of going to the website or Gemini app.

Gemini in the texting app on Android

Firstly, the integration of Gemini on Messages was reserved for Pixel smartphones and certain Samsung models. But recently, Google changed that: Gemini becomes accessible on other brands.On the hardware side, the only requirement is that the smartphone must have 6 GB of RAM. Otherwise, the user must also log in to Messages with their Google account, and be 18 years or older.

Unfortunately, for the moment, the Gemini integration on Messages is only available in English (except in Canada), and in a list of 165 countries that does not include France (probably because of the specific rules of the EU). But in any case, when this feature is available in France, it will therefore be accessible on any compatible Android smartphone, but not only on Pixel or Samsung Galaxy models. “We are working hard to offer it to users in more languages ​​and in more places around the world”, we can read on a Google help page.

Gemini is already very useful, if you use Google services

In the meantime, know that other very practical features of Gemini are already available in France. For example, as we mentioned in a previous article, the plug-ins that allow you to connect this ChatGPT competitor to other Google services, including the Workspace productivity suite.

Thus, it is already possible, for example, to ask the AI ​​to summarize your latest emails, to search for invoices that have been sent to you on Gmail, or a document that is stored in Google Drive.

  • Google is integrating its Gemini AI almost everywhere in its ecosystem and Android messaging is no exception
  • The firm already offers Gemini integration on Messages, but this was limited to Pixel and Samsung Galaxy smartphones
  • Now, this new way of accessing ChatGPT's competitor is compatible with other brands, provided you have 6 GB of RAM on the smartphone
  • For the moment, Gemini on Messages is not available in France, but Google indicates that he is working on deploying this new feature in more countries

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