Winds of change at Vancouver City Hall

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Winds of change at Vancouver City Hall

Ken Sim makes history by becoming Vancouver's first Asian mayor.

Ken Sim and his party, ABC Vancouver, take control of the city council of the British Columbian metropolis after an election night marked by change.

At the end of the count , Ken Sim had a comfortable lead of more than 35,000 votes over his closest rival and incumbent mayor, Kennedy Stewart.

Kennedy Stewart accepts defeat with humility

In doing so, Kennedy Stewart becomes Vancouver's first mayor not to be re-elected in over 40 years.

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The ABC Vancouver party, formed less than two years ago, now holds 7 of 10 councilor seats.

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Ken Sim's formation also took control of the Parks Commission.

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Vancouverites have finally elected all of the candidates for the Vancouver School Board's new mayor roster.

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Some 171,494 voters turned out at the polls.

  • About 30 incumbent mayors are ousted in BC municipal elections

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Four and a half years is the longest job interview in history, launched the new mayor at the start of his speech.

The town hall that Ken Sim had escaped from the hands of Kennedy Stewart when he was leader of the NPA party 4 years ago, today begins a new chapter in its history by welcoming its first mayor of Asian origin.

It's been an incredibly long drive to get here, says Ken Sim.

“One hundred and thirty-five years after a first Chinese was forced to pay a head tax for the mere right to come here to build the railroad, Vancouver has elected its first Chinese-Canadian [mayor]. .

— Ken Sim, Vancouver's new mayor

The businessman then cited the place of the Asian community in the city's history to highlight the diversity of the metropolis and invite Vancouverites to make their city an inclusive city.

He says he wants to listen to parents, educators, scientists, health workers and what is happening in community meetings, coffee shops or local pubs.

Among his flagship promises, the new mayor reiterated his intention to make it easier to obtain building permits and open businesses, to add parking and to plant 100,000 trees.

He further promised once again to hire 100 new police officers and 100 new mental health workers.

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Kennedy Stewart's ousting from mayor after just one term disappoints whoever had left federal politics to try his luck as an independent candidate for the head of the British Columbian metropolis, 4 years ago.

It is the choice of the voters and it is necessary respect it, he said at the start of the speech where he admitted defeat.

“Being mayor of Vancouver has been the honor of my life. »

— Kennedy Stewart, outgoing mayor of Vancouver

The defeated mayor gives a positive review of his only mandate, particularly in terms of housing and the management of the overdose crisis . We doubled the number of approved homes. We have gone from building a majority of condos to a majority of rental units.

With information from Francis Plourde

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