Winnipeg firefighters battle 2 fires in 12 hours

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Firefighters in Winnipeg fight 2 fires in 12 hours

One of the fires affected two buildings on Main Street on Saturday between Jarvis and Sutherland avenues.

Winnipeg firefighters fought 2 12-hour fires between Friday evening and Saturday. The fires affected two buildings on Main Street and a house containing several apartments on Furby Street.

According to a City of Winnipeg news release, more than 20 emergency vehicles drove between Jarvis and Sutherland Avenues on Saturday morning. Traffic was blocked on Main Street until shortly before noon, between Higgins and Dufferin avenues.

Several vehicles with ladders were mobilized to evacuate residents of the two affected buildings. The City expects these to be a total loss.

Residents of a nearby apartment complex were also evacuated by emergency services. One person was taken to hospital in stable condition, according to the City.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, according to the Fire Department.

A neighborhood merchant, Myron Schultz, was witness to the fire. I could see the people who seemed to be trying to run away from the flames, which were visible from the outside. The fire was really intense, he recalls.

He is sorry that another fire hits the area a few weeks after another fire destroyed the premises of three businesses, about 200m away. According to him, these incidents represent more than a material loss for the area.

The community structure of the neighborhood is disappearing. The area was full of life not so long ago, but it is becoming deserted, laments Myron Schultz.

According to another City of Winnipeg news release, 20 people need to find temporary accommodation and a firefighter was injured in a fire at a house on Furby Street on Friday night.

The house affected by the fire on Furby Street contains several dwellings.

When emergency services arrived at the scene, between Portage and Sara avenues, all residents of the dwelling had already left the burning building.

A total of three people were were assessed by the rescuers on site, but none required hospitalization. The injured firefighter was taken to hospital, but his injuries are minor.

The Winnipeg Fire Department says the building was damaged, but it's unclear as to what. #x27; instant the extent of the damage. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

With information from Nathan Liewicki

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