Winnipeg mayoral candidate Glen Murray apologizes and denies allegations | Manitoba Municipal Elections 2022

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Winnipeg mayoral candidate Glen Murray apologizes and denies allegations | 2022 Manitoba municipal election< /p>

Winnipeg mayoral candidate Glen Murray read a statement to the media, Thursday, in relation to the allegations made against him.

Winnipeg mayoral candidate Glen Murray has apologized for his behavior as a manager at the Pembina Institute. However, he denies the allegation of sexual harassment.

Former employees of the Calgary-based clean energy think tank allege that Glen Murray x27;behaved inappropriately while leading the organization. A job he held for 370 days, between 2017 and 2018.

On Thursday afternoon, he read, in English, a statement to the media at his campaign office, responding to an inquiry by CBC reporter Bartley Kives.

Mr. Murray said that “sexual harassment has no place in a workplace or any other environment, there is no excuse for it. » (archives)

Let me start in clear terms, the allegations of sexual harassment reported in the media are false, he launches from the start, flanked by his supporters.

Sexual harassment is a serious problem in our society and it must be treated in a respectful manner. I will return to this issue later in my remarks.

On Tuesday, Mr. Murray's lawyer, Bailey Harris, wrote in a letter that all allegations of harassment against his client related to his time at the Pembina Institute are categorically false and that they are not were ever brought to the attention of his client.

Ms. Harris also wrote that Glen Murray resigned for personal and family reasons.

Glen Murray describes himself as “a determined leader, proud of the reputation acquired as a unifier, collaborator, and a person who thinks outside the box. (archives)

Glen Murray acknowledges that his arrival at the Pembina Institute took place at a time of great change in my private life.

“It's clear that I let this pressure affect my professional life. I'm sorry for that and I take responsibility for it.

— Glen Murray, candidate for mayor of Winnipeg

I regret that I let my passion for the job, for the accomplishment of my mandate, cloud my managerial judgment. Further, I apologize for any stress or tension that I may have caused by my approach to the leadership of [the Institute] Pembina.

He feels that despite the good work of the Pembina Institute, it became apparent to the leadership team I served and to myself that my leadership style and way of working did not fit the culture of the organization.

That's how, he says, both parties realized that parting ways was the best way to ;to move forward and that for professional and personal reasons I had to resign.

Glen Murray continues his campaign to become mayor of Winnipeg, having held the position from 1998 to 2004. (archives)

< p class="e-p">I am focused on being the best possible candidate for mayor, providing the best possible leadership and making sure that together we make Winnipeg a better place. better and stronger city.

In a Probe Research poll, published on September 26, the former mayor collected 40% of the intentions of decided voters. He is the candidate at the top of the voting intentions.

In his statement Thursday afternoon, he said he learned from his experience as a manager at the Pembina Institute.

“Leaders are not perfect. We are human. Good leaders listen, they learn, among other things, to be honest with themselves. »

— Glen Murray, candidate for mayor of Winnipeg

Thinking about what I could have done differently, I had the opportunity to become a better, more seasoned, and more sensitive leader. These are the skills and lessons that I hope to bring to City Hall to help address the challenges facing the City.

Municipal elections in Manitoba take place on October 26.

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