With a grenade and dog cake. Dog Patron turned 3 years old


    With a grenade and a dog cake. Dog Patron is 3 years old

    The famous Ukrainian sapper dog is three years old.

    The famous dog Patron is celebrating his birthday. The four-legged sapper of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine turned three years old today. On this significant occasion, the dog received a large dog cake as a gift. A photo of a happy birthday boy with a beautiful red butterfly was published on Patron's Instagram page.

    “I'm three years old. And I'm the happiest dog in the universe. I have a loving family, I have a lot of toys, I help save lives people, and I have something to eat every day,” they wrote on the Patron page.

    With a grenade and a dog cake. Patron the Dog is 3 years old

    With grenade and dog cake. Dog Patron 3 years old

    His owner, who maintains the dog's page on social networks, invited subscribers in honor of the Patron's birthday to transfer money for food for homeless animals.

    “I know that you are now thinking: “What would you give to that Patron?” First, your smile. smile right now. Thank you. Secondly, I want to ask you to help me raise funds for a large bowl of food for dogs and cats that do not yet have their own home: I would like to treat them in honor of my birthday. This is completely optional, only if you have the opportunity. I know that now every penny is not superfluous, so I will understand everything,” the appeal says.


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