“With respect and warmth”: Putin told how Russia treats Ukrainians

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The situation in Ukraine, as the President of the Russian Federation said, became deadly for Moscow and therefore he started a war. Now Vladimir Putin says how hard and bitter it is for him because of the massacre of supposedly one people.

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Russia has allegedly always treated Ukraine and its inhabitants with “respect and warmth.” This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the restoration of the Russian historical and Russian military-historical societies.

Putin stressed that, despite the war, Ukrainians are treated well in Russia. If the Russian Federation had not started the war in February, everything would have turned out to be the worst positions for the Kremlin, he continued.

“The situation in Ukraine was brought by her so-called friends to the stage when it became deadly for Russia and suicidal for itself Ukrainian people,” the President of the Russian Federation said.

At the same time, the president admitted that the war he unleashed in Ukraine is difficult and bitter, because the fighting is going on “within one people.” He also recalled the events of 1917.

“They (Western countries) pursued their interests, weakened and tore historical Russia to pieces. And today, constantly supplying weapons to Ukraine, transferring mercenaries there, they are absolutely ruthless to its citizens,” he said.

Poland, as Putin said, has not yet abandoned the idea of ​​absorbing Ukraine and seizing territories.

“And the idea is, it's alive. And the idea of ​​absorbing Ukraine, it hasn't gone away. But almost no one knows this, it's only in archival documents. Surely, not for sure, but for sure, it's even talked about – the idea of ​​returning those territories, which were torn away from Poland,” he said.

After the collapse of the USSR, according to the president of the aggressor country, Western countries began to interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine and “tried to do the same with Russia.”


The reaction of the Ukrainian authorities to Putin's speech

Representatives of the Ukrainian authorities and the military command at the time of publication of the news did not comment on Putin's statement about his attitude towards Ukraine.

Russia may hold a second wave of mobilization in winter. Enterprises are already forcing employees to carry military tickets, and the conscription itself will be easier, because Putin did not sign a decree on the completion of mobilization.

The President's Office is talking about the loss of the Kremlin's control of Russia if the Ukrainian military advances at the front to internationally recognized the borders of Ukraine with the Russian Federation. Putin is quite primitive and made a mistake in assessing his actions, they think at Bankovaya.