With the new Bpifrance, the State holds its startups and VSEs/SMEs

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Bpifrance is now fully focused on digital with a new platform and services for VSEs-SMEs.

With the new Bpifrance, the state holds its startups and its VSEs/SMEs

Can Bpifrance enter the fintech market and compete with Qonto, Shine, and Ledger? We are not there yet, but the public investment bank has in any case launched a new digital offer for its customers.

On the Bpifrance Flash platform, it is now possible to submit loan requests (from 5,000 to 75,000 euros) in order to finance projects related to energy and digital transition, or to improve cash flow. The company is sure to get a response within 48 hours.

” Bpifrance has metamorphosed into fintech “

In fact, and as Nicolas explains Dufourcq, the general manager of Bpifrance aux Échos, the establishment “has metamorphosed into a real local fintech, at the service of entrepreneurs”. Its customers can therefore check their contracts in real time, take out insurance online, or even view outstanding loans.

They also have access to a battery of services such as tools for carrying out a balance sheet carbon, support in money management, an account aggregator, training, but also diagnostics in cybersecurity, an essential issue in the face of the resurgence of cyberattacks.

Three formulas accompany this move upmarket by Bpifrance. Thus, a free offer, similar to the one that existed, provides access to a simple management of online requests. Two other offers at 10 and 30 euros allow you to obtain the various services that we have just mentioned.

Time will tell if this strategy is a winner, but there are real reasons for hope. According to the economic daily, around 30,000 VSEs and SMEs could subscribe to these new services. It must be said that the many management managers at Bpifrance will encourage their clients to take the plunge.

Bpifrance supports startups

You cannot say that Bpifrance is an online bank like another. For example, it does not offer a bank card or a dedicated account. However, this wide range of services will probably come into competition with the players already existing in this market of banking services for entrepreneurs.

Bpifrance has not forgotten its main mission: financing and development of French companies. For the year 2021, the establishment has lent 375 million euros to deeptech companies. These are particularly disruptive start-ups.

Similarly, the public bank has allocated 401 million euros to investment funds specializing in innovative companies, and 559 million euros to non-financial financing. capital resources (aid for innovation, competitions) have made it possible to support these start-ups.

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