Without a school certificate, we will not get married in the church. Internet users do not leave a thread on this idea


What are the requirements for candidates to be married?

 Without a school certificate, we will not take a church wedding. Internet users will not leave a dry thread on this idea

As reported by the” Gazeta “portal, many couples who together they want to go through life, dreams of a church wedding. However, many couples decide not to take this step, discouraged by the demands placed on them by priests. The list of these requirements is quite large. What's on it?

Pre-wedding requirements

One of the future young couples was asked to submit a school report with a grade in religion. It turns out that this is not an isolated case, and the requirements of clergy towards fiancées are really big.

 Without a school certificate, we will not marry a church. Internet users do not leave it on this. dry thread idea

Before the wedding, the couple must deliver to the parish where the ceremony will take place, as well as the baptism and confirmation (if they were held in another church). Another necessary requirement is the completion of the premarital course and submission of the certificate of its completion.

The bride and groom must also visit the family counseling center – these are often organized at parishes, which is a great help in this case. It is also necessary to provide a document from the Registry Office, which confirms that there are no contraindications to marry.

The most emotional thing, however, is the need to submit the last certificate with a religious grade. Internet users commenting on this demand did not leave a dry thread on it. “Another number of the groom, and the bride has a gynecological examination” – wrote one of the Internet users, not concealing his indignation.

 We will not marry a church without a school certificate. Internet users do not leave a thread on this idea

Someone else said that it was good that young people were not asked to present their parents' testimonies. Another added that a school certificate is required in all churches and this is not an individual case.

What do you think of the requirement to show a religious grade prior to marriage?


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