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Without warning, B&You pulls out a masterful package that surprises everyone

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In July, 8 out of 10 French people should take the car to get to their vacation spot. The problem is that many operators do not cover France's roads well. This is not the case for B&You, without obligation. As we are in the middle of a sales period, this offer could however disappear afterwards. We do not know its exact end date.

The offer with 150 GB of data from B&You comes with 5G, which is today considered the fastest network in France. In addition, calls, SMS and even MMS are offered unlimited here. For comparison, be aware that with the competition, for the same price, you will often have to make do with 4G, which is much slower. If you plan to watch movies on your devices while traveling, it is better to opt for 5G, and by far.

This B&You mobile plan also comes with 35 GB of data for use in the European Union and overseas departments. This is a good way to avoid the hassle of buying a SIM card at the airport, which often costs much more than buying it in the city center. And of course, you can control your package from the official Bouygues Télécom app, giving access to 100% digital customer service.

If, despite everything, your budget is more limited, then you can also opt for the 100 GB B&You mobile plan at just 8.99 euros per month. This offer will also give you access to 5G at no additional cost. On the other hand, you will be limited to only 25 GB of mobile data in the European Union and the French Overseas Territories. But it's more than enough to spend a few days abroad, that goes without saying.

The other offers from B&You are just as attractive

For the deepest wallets of our readership, there is also . Its price is 14.99 euros per month, also without commitment. For comparison, we used to pay around 26 euros per month for our 100 GB plan, in 4G only, with the same access provider, last year. The trend is therefore clearly downward at the moment, a notable fact given that inflation has hit hard the financial means of the French for several quarters.

As a bonus, know that B&You offers to add a fiber box for only 29.99 euros per month without commitment. This offer gives access to a quality network reaching up to 1 Gb per second of data download speed. Wi-Fi 6 is also included, compatible with most mid-range and premium smartphones of the moment. And the 4K TV box is included, giving access to more than 180 channels: a well-stocked bouquet.

If, however, you want to spend a little less, then you can also decide to choose the 20 GB plan from B&You. This actually costs just 5.99 euros per month: it's even cheaper than a Netflix subscription without advertising. The associated volume of mobile data abroad being 16 GB here, on the Old Continent and in the islands. And calls, SMS and even MMS are also available unlimited.

Finally, know that. The entire envelope can be spent outside French borders, which is not the case for the other packages we mentioned. This €2 mobile plan is ideal if you want to get a SIM card without having to communicate with anyone, for example to receive validation codes by SMS. Businesses that are just starting out, in particular, appreciate this type of offer, because they do not have to contact customers. It is of course possible to receive and make calls, without distinction, with this no-obligation offer.

9 out of 10 customers today recommend the B&You network. This statistic comes from a study carried out by ENOV. You can subscribe in just a few clicks, from the comfort of your sofa. With B&You plans, you have a unique opportunity to start making big savings on your next mobile bills.

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