Women's football in Colombia becomes a power despite the lack of institutional support

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  • The results of the national teams, finalists in the Copa América and in the Under-17 World Cup, have come before the economic commitment of the state institutions

Women's soccer in Colombia becomes a power despite the lack of institutional support

Only what is truly pure can grow and develop despite the lack of resources, although sooner or later, growth needs to be accompanied by the support of institutions so as not to be slowed down. This is the case of the Colombian women's soccer team, already consecrated as the emerging power of this sport.

Without going any further, the absolute team of Colombia on the verge of lifting the women's America's Cup, played last July. The 'coffee maker' selection lost the final against Brazil(0-1), one of the greatest powers in world football, and won the silver medal in a tournament in which the players coached by Nelson Abadía were the hosts.

This sub-championship is a historic feat of soccer in the country, since it is the first time that a Colombian team, whether male or female, manages to qualify. for the first time for the final of a championship organized by FIFA.

The list of progress does not end here, since the health of women's soccer in Colombia does not stop giving green shoots. The under-17 team lost yesterday (October 30) against Spain the final of the World Cup corresponding to this category (0-1). The party decided by an own goal by Ana Guzmán in the final stretch of the match.

However, these achievements and advances contrast with the evident lack of support from the institutionsColombian women, something that has also happened in other European countries, the situation of which has improved considerably regarding women's soccer, especially in the last five years.

The players who compete at the highest level of Colombian soccer are in the midst of a struggle to recognize their status as a professional category, since most cannot fully dedicate themselves to the profession and turn to other trades and jobs to survive.

One of the keys to this dispute, which has caused a situation of conflict, is the lack of interest on the part of the Major Division of Colombian Soccer in investing resources in the Colombian league. This course lasted just four months, despite the demand of the soccer players to play throughout the year.

The justification for this decision was the low attendance at the matches and the lack of interest from the sponsors, arguments that They are left in the dark seeing the prudent results that investment in women's soccer has had in countries around the world.

Given this situation, the Colombian Football Federation (FCF), the players' representatives and the Ministry of Sport are joining forces with the aim of guarantee the complete dispute of the championship for the next season.