Woody Allen: announced his retirement and stated “I lost enthusiasm”


The 86-year-old director gave an interview where he revealed that the cinema no longer generates enthusiasm for him and that his retirement is getting closer.

Woody Allen: announced his retirement and stated

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The renowned director, Woody Allen, gave an interview to actor Alec Baldwin through a live broadcast on his Instagram account and confirmed that his great passion for cinema has begun to fade so his retirement is getting closer. Thus, the New York director would retire after filming a new movie in Paris

During the meeting, which could be followed live and direct through a “live” on the official Instagram account of Baldwin, which has almost two and a half million followers there, Allen suggested that he could close the extraordinary career as a director that began in 1966 with his next feature film, number 50.

Woody Allen : announced his retirement and stated

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Although, in recent years, Woody has been reluctant to give interviews, in this talk of almost an hour they addressed various topics, leaving aside all those controversies that had them as protagonists in recent times. 

“I'll probably do this movie more, but I've lost a lot of the emotion, because it doesn't have the same cinematic effect, it's not like when I started filming,” said the renowned director. 

It's worth mentioning that This is not the first time that the Manhattan  director has made similar comments, since on different occasions he has shown that the new ways of making movies are not to his liking. “Cinema is taking a direction that doesn't interest me.”

Woody Allen: announced his retirement and stated 'lost-my-enthusiasm'

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Added to this, Allen stated: “I don't have as much fun making a movie as I did when I made them and I had the pleasant feeling that there was 500 people watching it at the same time. Today I don't know how I could feel making movies again. I'm going to do another one and see how it feels.” 



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